Dear Erin,

I’ve been ruminating on the value of physical strength. My grandfather had a stroke over a week ago and has been mostly bedridden since. He is expected to recover almost entirely, due to a lifetime of physical labor and exercise that has left him very fit even in his 70’s. I have been with him at a hospital and my grandmother at home since he got sick and for the past week I’ve been helping him to walk, roll over, and stand as he begins his recovery. I have been shoveling snow from the driveway, carrying the wood that heats our house, and helping my grandmother with the groceries. I realized quickly that so many of the things that I could do to show my love, support, and gratitude for my family, in this case, required physical strength.

Often the dedication required to build real strength is maligned as a narcissistic endeavor. When asked why they exercise many folks will tell you they want to look good naked, or enjoy the feeling of being strong. There’s nothing wrong with that, but lately I’ve been thinking there’s more to it than self improvement. The strength I’ve gained by dedicating time and energy to exercise helps me to contribute to my community in ways that are impossible without fitness. I can offer the help I have because I am strong. In this way, self improvement can be community improvement, if you are willing to look around see where your contribution is needed. To me, this is the most important result of my 10+ months of training at CFCC. Access to such a strong community of athletes and coaches enables me to train smarter and harder, but more, it enables me to bring my strength into the real world where it is functional, useful, and vital. I am grateful for each of my coaches who made it possible for me to get my grandfather out of bed, onto his strong legs, and headed back to being well.

On a less serious note:

CFCC Things I miss

  1. The Head Tilt.
    I seriously don’t understand how one could coach oly without it.
  2. Dogs, plural.
    One dog is just not enough for me anymore.
  3. Tim Heckman
    I miss your musk.
  4. Diversity
    Of all types, but right now I am thinking of music. If I hear the same bland, power rock mix one more time I am going to start humping wall balls….OK, maybe not. Maybe I’ll just sing loudly to myself.

Thanks for reading. Credit goes to Barrett for a superb editing job.


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