Monday, 12/5/10

Sessions tomorrow will be at 6a, 8a, 12p, 5p, 6p (running), and 7p.  See you there, friends!

plyo pushups, 5×5.  5 rounds : 2 Turkish getups each side (2/1.5), 20 box jumps, 1m front plank.


Rest is needed. It’s the time you need to get done what you need to get done in CrossFit.

If you can’t lift something heavy (a.k.a you’ve reached failure) you’ll need rest to do it again.

If we give you rest, you’ll take it. But how?

Will you ready yourself mentally for the next 3, 2, 1 go?  Will you speak yourself into defeat?  Will you breathe?  How? Will you sit down? Will you lie down? Will you panic?

Rest is needed, but how much rest? and what kind of rest?

If you’ve been training with us for some time now you know the feeling: you are in the middle of the metcon and you put the weight down, not because it’s impossible to lift, but because to do so, will hurt.  Not injure you, but hurt you. You want rest.

You may also know this feeling: you have just finished the metcon and you are fine.  You are breathing again, maybe talking, maybe getting a drink of water.  Your heart-rate is settling in and you have begun to recollect the number of reps, rounds, or points you and your innards have just created.  And in the back of your mind, you want that rest back.

Rest is also what you need to get stronger.  You need it between strength sets. You need it during metcons.  You need it between days of CrossFit, and sometimes, even seasons of CrossFit.

Every athlete rests.  Whether it’s between huge bursts of power or prolonged exertions of effort, your rest can make or break your training…and your performance.

It’s been said before that your training is only as good as your recovery.  How do you recover?  Both immediately and over the long term?  Are you thinking about strategies to do this?  And for those of you who have been in this game for a while now, what are the tricks of the trade?

Stewed Tilapia, another great (and easy) recipe from Whole9. Check it out!

Stuff on Sleep from Robb Wolf – sidenote: I totally met some researchers at Betty’s who were responsible for creating some of the studies in T.S. Wiley’s book (referenced by Wolf).

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