Monday, 3.4.13

John PRs his front squat mid-Squatting Class.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 5 minutes. Spiderman Step, 5 steps per side. 5 Duck Walk Steps Forward, and Backward. Squat to Stand, 5 reps. Glute Bridges, 10 reps.

STRENGTH: Always the same, Peak of 1 Front Squat, and then, every minute on the minute, a set of 3 reps of a pause front squat (pause for 3 seconds in the bottom), then 2 reps on the next minute, then 1 rep on the next minute.  Then, you go back up, 2 reps, then 3 reps.  Use 75-80% of your peak of the day for this “cluster”.The whole exercise takes 6 minutes per person, and so, if a few people are sharing, and a few people are going after the people sharing, we end up with a total of 30 minutes devoted to our strength portion, tops.

CONDITIONING: For time: 3 Rounds of: 40 Walking Lunge Steps, 20 Push-ups, 20 Double Unders.

For Advanced Class: you will do the strength work as a squat clean day.  Peak your squat clean on the main floor under the direction of a Coach, and complete the cluster as squat cleans with the same percentage (75-80%).  Your conditioning WODs will vary but this one will be exactly the same as it is for everyone else most of the time.

Advanced Metcon: 3 Rounds of: 40 Walking Lunge Steps (Plate Overhead (45/25)), 20 Handstand Push-ups (or scale 10), 40 Double Unders.

Cuenca PRs his Clean and Jerk!

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