Monday, 5/2/11. WoD.

If you missed Sunday's session - don't fret. We'll do it again!

SMR of the Day: Lacrosse ball to pectoralis minor, 2m each side.

Mobility WoD:

Band pec stretch, 5x5s holds on each side.
Arm swings side to side, 20 reps.
Reverse grip hang, 30s.
Scap push-ups, 12 reps.
Wall ankle mobilization, 5x5s holds on each side.
Hip swings, 15 reps.
Wrist stretching, 2m each.

MetCon: “Power Elizabeth”

21-15-9 reps of:
Power cleans, 135/95lbs
Ring dips
*This is a benchmark workout that will be repeated. Perform as prescribed if it’s safe.

For anyone wanting to know my thoughts (Erin) on my personal experience with CF Games Sectionals 2011 – I’m updating my workout log again! To everyone else who’s competed along the way… well done! Maybe we weren’t top 10 in the entire world this year (as we had of course planned to be…) but what did you learn? What PRs did you get?

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  1. samantha aurelio says:

    Monday = 5/2… is it not?

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