Monday, 9/24/12

ENDURANCE (Running) 630am with Liz – also, remember, this WEDNESDAY at 730-9pm, we’ll be running the third evening in a five-week series of Comprehensive Running Classes as part of our “Reinvent Your Run” series. Sign up today!

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim at 530pm.

ADVANCED OLY with Jim at 730pm.

FOUNDATIONS with Sammy, at 630pm.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy, at 730pm. (Work on pistols and freestanding handstands!)

Record, catches the bottom of the muscle-up. She also placed 1st in the Liberty Barbell competition held yesterday for Best Female Lifter. Also placing from CFCC was Sayra Lopez for Best Novice.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll as needed, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Hip Flexors and Quads, 2 minutes each side.

MOVEMENT PREP: THE BIG HIP WARM-UP: Take 30ft. and complete as pass of the following: 2 High Knee Passes, 2 Butt Kick Passes, 1 90/90 to Chest Pulls, 1 Toy Soldier, 1 Over the Fence/Under the Fence, 1 Duck Walk Pass, 1 Inchworm Pass, 2 High Skip Passes

SKILL WORK: The Bear Complex (Modified)


Complete 10 sets of the Bear Complex where one Complex equals a Power Clean, to a Front Squat, to a Push Press, to a Back Squat to a Push Press and you complete 3 cycles of the Complex.  You may rest as needed between each set.

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  1. theresa says:

    I really enjoyed the bear complex!

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