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"The key to a successful Open performance is 50% preparation, 50% recovery, 50% yelling, and 50% attire." - Coach Daniel Bove

“The key to a successful Open performance is 50% preparation, 50% recovery, 50% yelling, and 50% attire.” – Coach Daniel Bove

The CrossFit Open is upon us!

Beginning this week, we’ll collectively be going head to head with thousands of athletes around the world to test our CrossFit mettle. One of the wonderful things about the Open is not only that it gives us a chance to experience the thrill and extra push of competition for a few weeks – it reminds us that the community of CrossFit reaches far beyond this amazing place we’ve built in Philadelphia.

Whether you have your eye on Regionals this year, it’s your first time doing ANYTHING that involves scoring points, or you’re just in this to gauge your own improvement over the past months, remember that first and foremost we’re all in this to have FUN and come out on the other end of five weeks a little stronger, a little faster and ready to take on the next year of training. The first WOD is released this Thursday at 8pm. The last WOD will be released Thursday, March 27th at 8pm. Are you signed up? 

Here’s what to expect around CFCC throughout the Open:

The team cameraderie you loved at our In-House Open Prep SHEBANG SHEBANG? That’s continuing throughout the Open! Each week we’ll tally the scores of each team (including your coach!) and award a prize for the top cumulative score, with a grand prize to be awarded after the Open ends.  If you didn’t participate in the SHEBANG SHEBANG and want to be part of a team, email by Friday, February 28th  to be placed!

The PR’s come fast and furious during this five week test of fitness. Whether it’s the extra boost from an audience screaming for you to pick up the bar one more time or the push of adrenaline we all experience when we race the clock, we’ve seen athletes face the fear of failure and conquer it week after week. We celebrate personal records every month on the whiteboard in the hall, but we’ll have a special place on the whiteboard to acknowledge ones that are achieved during Open workouts. Additionally, our Competitor Corner will feature a CFCC leaderboard. We’ll post the top 3 men’s and women’s scores for each Open workout.

What better way to end a five week fitness throwdown than with a Post-Open AFTERPARTY? Please save the evening of Friday, April 4th and plan to BYO-whatever and a dish or dessert to share.

Finally, we believe that the Open is about much more than just scores achieved and points attained – it’s about having fun, challenging yourself, and supporting your fellow athletes. Knowing this, the Coaches will be watching week to week to see which athletes* embody all that’s amazing about the Open – and we’ll award the winners at the Afterparty on 4/4.



It wouldn’t be a CFCC event without a celebration of not taking ourselves too seriously. Your costume and the level of ridiculousness is up to you – just keep in mind that last year, Coach Cassie wore a formal gown to put a score up for 13.5. No pressure here.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to yell, scream or GRUNT your way to the end of the workout. Maybe there’s a wolverine (or just a honey badger) inside you that’s dying to be released. The Beast Mode Award will go to the athlete that takes their own intensity to the next level, mid-WOD. Please don’t actually claw anyone.


Awarded to the athlete who exhibits perfection and integrity in movement, week to week, despite the urgency of the clock and the pressure of competition.


Awarded to the athlete who, well, stomps all over his or her (former) PR in the middle of an Open WOD.


We’ll award this if a workout is repeated (as was the case in 2013), to the athlete who most improves their score from the time they originally completed the workout.


Awarded to the athlete with the greatest improvement in score between Thursday and Monday of each week.


Awarded to the first-time Open competitor with the best overall showing (in score or in heart).


Awarded to the athlete with the loudest voice, the most encouraging words, and the highest level of support.


Awarded to the athlete who embodies everything discussed above (and more!)

*As a special note – only CFCC athletes who have actually registered for the Open will be considered for the above awards. Our reason for this rule is because the true spirit of the Open involves commitment to, planning for and competing in 5 workouts over 5 weeks. Officially registering for the Open is simply a part of honoring that competitive commitment (and giving each of us just a bit more accountability to actually show up and do our best week to week). 

Don’t forget, you can read all about the Open at CFCC, how it works, and whether you should sign up (hint, you should!) right here.  Here’s to another great season, CFCC!

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