NEW for CFCC members only: accelerate – a 40-day women’s only need-specific training program.


As many of you know, for a long time I have been toying with the idea of offering a women’s only class for a temporary cycle.  I have also struggled with the challenge of trying to figure out how to give very specific attention to those of you who have been frustrated by slow progress on some of your gymnastics movements or while muddling your way through testy shoulders and tricky lifts. This Fall, is my first attempt at a solution.  After reading through the information below if you are interested in pursuing your progress this Fall through a program entirely tailored to your specific needs, please email me directly at – I’m very excited to see what comes of this new offering at CFCC.


  • Accelerate is a 40-day (6 week) individually programmed and specifically coached series of hour and a half long sessions that will occur 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and will be coached exclusively by Erin Davidson (that’s me!).  These sessions will have no more than 5 participants at a time and each participant will be completing programming entirely created for their own specific needs. In total, 15 slots are available at 3 separate time slots.
  • Programming is based on your needs but is intended to accelerate your progress for very particular time-bound goals that you would like to reach as soon as possible; for example: if you would like to get a muscle-up, if you would like to finally stop power snatching and get under the bar, if you would like to back squat as much as possible within 40 days, if you would like to finally get that bodyweight pull-up, or if you would simply like the freedom to be able to train around an injury with programming that makes the most sense for YOUR individual weaknesses.
  • Because the two go hand-in-hand, participants will meet with Erin once a week for an hour long “check-in” session in which we will evaluate training and nutrition and come up with proactive solutions for maximizing progress through the 40-day period.
  • This will not be easy.  I think of this program as more than just a special cycle.  It is also a period of time in which I will hold you accountable to whatever it is that you really believe to be important to you in the gym. I will do everything I can to bind you to your goals for the end of the 40-day period.


  • Payments are due by Wednesday, 9.4.13 and the program will begin on Monday, 9.9.13 and will continue until 10.19.13 – it is worth noting that the end date also falls in line with CFCC’s regularly scheduled BCCC (Body Composition Change Challenge) – if you have done a number of these before, this format is a new challenge and brings a new specificity to the kind of training and nutrition collaborations we have seen in the BCCC before.
  • Available times are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6-730am, 730-9am and 430-6pm. Also, Tuesday and Thursday at 6-730am for $150 (because of only two sessions being available). Only 5 people will be permitted in each session.
  • In cases where holidays occur we will attempt to reschedule sessions.  Random absences on your own account cannot be made up with more sessions.  We will arrange schedules prior to beginning the 40-day period to plan for any known absences.


  • The cost is $200 for the 40-day program on top of membership.  Members will also be expected to attend CrossFit classes in conjunction with their 3 sessions a week in specific training. This is a discounted rate for the inaugural run of this format.  This cost includes written programming, personalized coaching three times a week for an hour and a half at a time, one nutrition check-in a week, and measured progress.


  • I’d like to begin by making this a women’s only program for a few reasons: a) to test the format of this kind of program at CFCC, b) to keep availability of equipment open to other classes (it’s easier to program for just women than JUST men and women), and c) because our competitive roster has a LOT of women who I believe could really use this short burst of commitment to expedite their own progress and we are SHORT on women that qualify for the Advanced Team and lastly d) because I will be using my experience with this program to inform programming for the Workout of the Day sessions.
  • Members participating in this program should have experience doing CrossFit for at least 6 months.  If you have any questions about this caveat, please feel free to email me.

Again, if you have any questions about the program or if you would like to secure your spot, please email me directly at – this is going to be FUN.


If you don’t know, this is me!

“You cannot move forward from some idealized point in the future that has not yet arrived. If you are to move forward, you must do it from where you are now. Though it may not be perfect, it is plenty to get you going. Wishing for more, or feeling resentment because you don’t have more, will only waste your precious time. Although there is no guarantee that your actions will be effective, one thing that is certain is that nothing will happen if you take no action at all” -James FitzGerald
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