“To get what you have never had, you must do what you have never done.”


What is the RECHARGE program?

Formerly known as the Body Composition Change Challenge (BCCC), the RECHARGE program is an opportunity to develop better nutritional habits as they relate to your own journey towards improved health, performance and body composition. As a six week long structured challenge, RECHARGE is an excellent way for you, no matter where you are in your quest for better health, to test the limits of your own experience while getting tons of support from CFCC nutrition staff and your fellow participants.


Why RECHARGE? How is this different from past Body Composition Change Challenges?

Eating well is important throughout the year, but the purpose of this short, focused effort is for each of you to rededicate yourselves to your best nutritional habits, with an eye towards improved performance, body composition and overall wellness as we kick off 2014.

RECHARGE is the best of the old BCCC with new and improved aspects added (based in part on suggestions from past participants) to make the experience more insightful, challenging and FUN. Specific details and logistics are all below!

  1. We’re hosting a FREE 2 hour nutrition seminar on Saturday, January 4th (1-3PM) that’s strongly, strongly recommended if you’re planning to participate in the Recharge. Day 1 of the January RECHARGE is 1/13/14, and the challenge will last through February 21st. Sign up on Mindbody under “Seminars” to reserve your spot for the Nutrition Seminar! If you’re ready to sign up for Recharge, email to get on the list. 
  2. You’ll be taking before and after photos and measurements to gauge your body composition progress, if that’s one of your goals. WE ARE STILL NOT USING THE SCALE. BEFORE PHOTOS AND MEASUREMENTS will be available Thursday, January 9th and Friday, January 10th, 4-7pm. No need to RSVP, just show up for pictures and bring your entry fee. Guys, please be ready to be photographed in shorts/pants with no shirt. Ladies, please be ready to be photographed in shorts or leggings and sports bra. Please don’t be nervous about this! No one but you will see this photos without your explicit permission. 
  3. You’ll also be required to complete a performance benchmark before and after to test your progress. You have two options: 1) 7 minutes, as many BURPEES as possible. The standard is simply chest to the floor, clap overhead. If you need your form checked by a coach, don’t hesitate to ask – but we know the majority of you have done plenty of burpees in your time. 2) 1 mile run. Regardless of which benchmark you choose, you must repeat the same benchmark at the end of the Challenge to gauge your progress. You are permitted to do your burpees in the gym provided they do not disturb any classes – ask a coach for permission! Grab a friend and get it done (and email your scores to
  4. We’re clarifying the expectations of how to participate while still providing the opportunity to tailor the challenge specifically to you. A scoresheet will be provided to each registered participant that will outline different ways to earn points daily for good habits (including but not limited to: sleeping, cooking your own food, training/recovering/mobilizing, following a balanced meal template, and eating a variety of veggies). Your free to participate with as many or as few of the habits as you wish – but total points earned at the end of the Recharge will factor into choosing the winner. We know that more points will reflect more preparation and more work, and should be rewarded accordingly. *A reminder: there is a cash prize, but truly winning this challenges comes from completing it in a way that makes you proud.*
  5. We’re lengthening the duration of the challenge to ensure optimum time to dial in better habits and see results – BUT we’ve built in ways to make this way of eating more sustainable, because only the work you DO (and do consistently) will work! 
  6. Every participant will get one email check-in halfway through the Recharge with a member of CFCC’s nutrition staff, provided you keep a food log (we’ll provide a template for this). We’ll also be offering our one-on-one option with four check-ins for an approach that’s even more tailored to your specific needs. We’ll have limited space for one-on-ones, so email early if you’re interested in taking advantage of this!
  7. This time around, you’ll be able to select another Recharge participant as an Accountability Partner (and, if you want, split a one-on-one Recharge with them!)
  8. Mini-challenges will be announced throughout the program and are great ways to meet new people and try new things (and have the chance to win prizes!)
  9. As usual, we’ll be hosting fun group activities throughout January and February that are meant to remind us that all of the work we do in the kitchen and the gym is meant to better ourselves as well-rounded athletes and people. This means we’ll be leaving the gym to learn new things about cooking and eating AND try new activities like rock climbing and circus arts!
  10. At the conclusion of the Challenge, we’ll select two winners (male and female) and two runners-up (male and female) based on performance improvement and points attained. You MUST track points using the template provided (and actually submit your forms by the due dates) to be eligible to win! Winners will split a percentage of the overall prize pot.


How does it work?

The January RECHARGE is 6 weeks long. The official start date is Monday, January 13th. 

The week before this is PREP week (January 6-10), which will consist of a FREE 2 hour Nutrition 101 seminar on Saturday, 1/4; a brief casual evening Q&A with Meg (WEDNESDAY, 1/8, 5-7pm) to answer any additional questions you might have about how the Recharge works; posted times that the nutrition staff will be available to take your before photos and measurements (Thursday, 1/9 and Friday, 1/10, 4-7pm); and two different benchmark performance options that you can complete at the gym or on your own.

We’ll provide each participant with a scoresheet and food log template. The scoresheet assigns points to daily and weekly habits that are integral to forming a solid foundation of health, recovery and performance. Don’t fret, though! The points are merely a way to quantify participation. If you hate the idea of tracking points, you will absolutely see results by simply *doing* the things we’ve outlined, but in order to be eligible to win the cash prize at the end, you must complete and submit these sheets in their entirety. To be perfectly clear here: at its essence, the point of the Recharge is to improve your own health and habits and foster a supportive community among those who are working beside you. If you participate in this Recharge a way that makes you proud, you will feel better and perform better – so you’ll win, regardless! And isn’t that really the point, when all is said and done? 

Halfway through the six week period, we’ll put out the call for food logs and scoresheets. At that point, if you want feedback on your Recharge, you’ll submit everything to the nutrition staff and we’ll provide some brief pointers and suggestions via email to make sure you’re on the right track to complete your Recharge in a way that will ensure the best experience for you.

At the beginning of each week, we’ll send out a group email with fresh, blank templates for your food logs and scoresheets along with some information about the coming week (including answers to questions we’ve received, recipe ideas, and general tips and tricks for success). You’re free to print these sheets out and fill them in with pen/pencil, or you can keep them electronically as a Google spreadsheet. Whatever floats your boat.


How much does it cost?

Cost to buy-in to the Recharge is $50 – which should be manageable for anyone that wants to participate (less than $10/week), but significant enough for everyone to feel more invested in their personal experience. Plus, after administrative expenses, this buy-in goes entirely to the winner’s prize pot.

Cost for the one-on-one option is $150 and includes buy-in for the Recharge and 4 check-in meetings with a member of the Nutrition Staff.

Cost to split the one-on-one option with a friend is $100/person (this includes a buy-in for each person, plus four check-in sessions with your partner and a member of the Nutrition staff).

 Remember, the only way to see results is to make a commitment and BE CONSISTENT. At first it might be hard (sounds a little like starting CrossFit, right?) You’ll be a little out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to ask yourself some tough questions about what you value and why you make the choices you do. You’ll have to be honest with yourselves and with us (because in the end, we don’t REALLY know what you’re eating when we aren’t watching). But in the end, simply seeing your Recharge through with the support of your fellow athletes will set you up for a happier, healthier 2014. 

So, here we go! Whether you’re definitely in, have a few questions, or are unsure whether this will be appropriate for you (hint, it definitely is, no matter where you are in your journey) – email SIGN-UPS FOR THE JANUARY RECHARGE CLOSE FRIDAY, JANUARY 10TH!

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