“To get what you have never had, you must do what you have never done.”


What is the RECHARGE program?

The RECHARGE program is an opportunity to develop better nutritional habits as they relate to our own individual journeys towards improved health, performance and body composition. It’s a multi-week structured challenge that’s an excellent way for everyone, no matter where they are in their quest for better health, to test the limits of their own experiences while getting tons of support from CFCC nutrition staff and their fellow participants.

Eating well is important throughout the year, but we run this short, focused effort three times annually so our members can rededicate themselves to their best nutritional habits, with an eye towards improved performance, body composition and overall wellness with extra support from the community.

RECHARGE is designed to make this experience more insightful, educational, challenging and FUN. Details specific to each Recharge are released a few weeks before the challenges begin, but each Recharge includes:

  1. A FREE nutrition seminar open to all CFCC members that discusses basic nutritional principles and practical applications of good nutrition, as well as the other factors of day-to-day life (sleep, stress management and recovery) that are crucial to optimizing your athletic performance, body composition and overall health. We spend time specifically discussing effective goal-setting and examining how our habits can support or derail our success.

  2. Before and after photos and measurements.

  3. Performance benchmarks that are built into the CFCC programming (but can also be completed outside of the gym).

  4. A scoresheet provided to each registered participant that will outline different ways to earn points daily for good habits (including but not limited to: sleeping, cooking your own food, training/recovering/mobilizing, following a balanced meal template, and eating a variety of veggies). You’re free to participate with as many or as few of the habits as you wish – but total points earned at the end of the Recharge will factor into choosing the winner. We know that more points will reflect more preparation and more work, and should be rewarded accordingly. *A reminder: there is a cash prize, but truly winning this challenges comes from completing it in a way that makes you proud.*

  5. One email check-in halfway through the Recharge with a member of CFCC’s nutrition staff, provided you keep a food log (we’ll provide a template for this).

  6. The option to upgrade to a one-on-one experience, that includes weekly face-to-face check-ins for an approach that’s even more tailored to your specific needs. We’ll have limited space for one-on-ones, so email early if you’re interested in taking advantage of this!

  7. Mini-challenges and fun group activities throughout the duration of the challenge that remind us that all of the work we do in the kitchen and the gym is meant to better ourselves as well-rounded athletes and people.

Remember, the only way to see results is to make a commitment and BE CONSISTENT. At first it might be hard (sounds a little like starting CrossFit, right?) You’ll be a little out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to ask yourself some tough questions about what you value and why you make the choices you do. You’ll have to be honest with yourselves and with us (because in the end, we don’t REALLY know what you’re eating when we aren’t watching). But in the end, simply seeing your Recharge through with the support of your fellow athletes will set you up for a happier, healthier experience. 

So, here we go! Whether you’re definitely in, have a few questions, or are unsure whether this will be appropriate for you (hint, it definitely is, no matter where you are in your journey) – email meg@crossfitcc.com. 

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