Nutrition in the New Year – Two Seminar Options at CFCC!


This seminar is appropriate for CFCC’ers who are new to nutrition and for veteran athletes who need a basic refresher course and is ESPECIALLY important if you’re planning to take part in our completely revamped RECHARGE program in January. We’ll cover the basics as they relate to your overall health and performance at CFCC, and we’ll discuss other important aspects of a healthy lifestyle including but not limited to – sleep, stress management, digestion, supplementation, etc. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss the logistics of the RECHARGE program and have time for Q&A. Topics will include basic goal setting, macronutrients and some general guidelines on proper quantities to maintain a healthy body composition while not sacrificing athletic performance and general sanity, micronutrients and the importance of a varied diet, why optimal digestion is important for all the things, and why we follow a Paleo/Primal framework but not necessarily a caveman-centered diet dogma.

When: Saturday, January 4th, 1-3pm

Where: CrossFit Center City

Why: Because good nutrition is part of the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s crucial to maintaining a healthy body composition and optimizing athletic gains!

How: Sign up via Mindbody by clicking on the “Seminars” tab. Please RSVP so we can ensure we have enough materials! This seminar is completely free.




Who: Appropriate for anyone at any level of nutritional knowledge! This daylong seminar will dive headfirst into tons of topics in a much more depth than we’re able to hit in a two hour session. Macronutrients, food quality, gut health, fueling for athletic performance – and most important, the “why” behind good nutrition and how to make the confusing onslaught of diet advice that’s out there actually work for you. For a sneak peek at who Diane and Liz are and the fantastic information they’ve put out in the world, check out their blogs. Diane has authored bestsellers Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox and blogs at; Liz’s book Eat The Yolks hits shelves in Spring 2014, and she blogs at

Details: Saturday, January 25th, 9:30AM – 4:30PM. We’ll take a break for lunch and there will be plenty of time during the day for Q&A.

Price: EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is just $95 through January 11th (this is an amazing value, so register early as space is limited!) Regular registration is $115. Click here to register.


“Really enjoyed the seminar today! Although I thought I had a pretty good handle on most things Paleo, I feel like I learned a ton today. Additionally, I feel reinvigorated in my search for optimal health, and I am energized to take on a few more of my longstanding problems (IE- sugar addiction). Thanks so much for a wonderful day!”
– Tim M.

“Awesome seminar in Portland/Oregon City today ladies!! So much great information, and I really appreciate how you concentrate on the mechanics of good nutrition in general instead of saying “everyone should eat this and not that” since as you pointed out several times, we’re all different. :) At some point you could totally turn this into a whole weekend event — I’d love to learn even more! Thanks again!”

– Tiffany J.

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