October Member of the Month-2016


Congratulations, Maple Chen!

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit Center City. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at info@crossfitcc.com or leave a note in the box to tell us what happened!
Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to CFCC. Check out all of our past Members of the month here!

Here’s what you all had to say about Maple:

“Maple – awesome name, awesome athlete/competitor- always encouraging everyone and cheering them on.  Always fun doing WODs with Maple in the gym” – David Goldberg

“Maple in name and a Mighty Oak in spirit. Crushes the WODs with a smile on his face. Congrats to a well earned CFCC Member of the Month.” – Bob Eatroff

Congratulations Maple! Definitely deserved. Maple has been an awesome presence at the 6am classes.

“On one of the brutal Saturday morning partner workouts the time cap expired just as Maple and I finished the second to last movement. Without hesitation, Maple looked at me and said “We’re finishing this round,” and sprinted toward the exit and up the stairs. I slowly followed him out and we finished our final round. Although I could barely breathe at the end of the WOD, I really appreciated his attitude to keep pushing even after everybody was done.

Maple is a great friend and always there to support you in any part of crossfit and outside the gym.” – Tyler Zon
“At 6 AM, Maple is always the one with the most energy and pushes everyone else to do their best. Always smiling, even if the WODs are the worst. Definitely deserving of the CFCC Member of the Month award.” – Nick Vicari



Thoughts from the Coaches:

“Maple works his butt off and always has a smile on his face. Someday I imagine he’ll get tired, but I’m not sure when that will be. My first memory of hearing about Maple was when he signed up and saw that his email included (not to give it away, oh wait, I already gave the list away) “mapleshot”. After debating what we thought it was, I asked him the story and he immediately confirmed that it was in fact that he’s hot*. Have respected his confidence ever since. Keep crushing it!” *This may not be true. –Coach Wylie

Maple! Hooray!!! Coming off a big Total performance Maple has putting up big numbers in the gym and in the kitchen! Fun fact, Maple is VERY well hydrated and consumes more water than most adults I’ve met as discovered in our Eat with a Purpose challenge. But seriously, hats off to Maple for his positive attitude and consistency since joining CFCC in all aspects of fitness and wellness. A well deserved recognition!” –Coach Perrin

“In a short time Maple has made himself known and loved at CFCC. A frequent 6am stalwart, he always has a smile on his face and a kind word for others. He has already shown himself committed to getting better at all aspects of fitness— staying after to work on gymnastics and plyometric skills, attending seminars, and seeking out answers to what he sees as personal challenges. His desire to improve himself combined with his embrace of all other athletes makes him a natural MOTM. Congratulations!”-Coach Justin

“Maple is a stud. He has the wind, he’s explosive, and his attitude is amazing.  You could say he is as sweet as syrup…… Anyways, give him a few more months, and Maple will be an unstoppable machine. You heard it first here.” Coach Tim

“Maple is a treasure! He has integrated himself into the gym family so quickly, even posting a top score in his very first class (hint: it was running.) He is open to coaches’ advice, receptive to our suggestions, and gives so much energy in each of his workouts. HIs commitment to this community has been almost immediate, and we are just as quickly invested in him, because when you know, you know :)” –Coach Morgan

“Things I know about Maple: he drinks a cup of hot water and lemon every morning right after waking, he’s competing in the Stache Showdown, he meditates most days often using an app called headspace, he is super friendly to everyone he’s ever been in class with, he is always open to learning and improving himself as an athlete and as a person, he asks a lot of great questions, and he is one of my most rigorous recruiters for @thestabilitywod in the gym. In conclusion, you need to know Maple if you don’t. He’s a fantastic human being, and a great athlete to boot. Congrats, Maple! This is well-deserved!” – Coach Erin



1. What do you do when you’re not at the gym? Your profession?

When I’m not at the gym, I’m building Excel models and evaluating multi-family properties all over the country. I work in the acquisitions group for Resource Real Estate.

2. How did you find out about CF?

I heard about crossfit for years, but stayed away from it because of the controversies surrounding it. I finally decided to give it a shot because I was really bored of the same workout routine I did at the gym. Also, I moved to Philly from NYC in June and was new to the city, and wanted to join a community where I can easily make friends. Choosing CFCC was definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve made since I moved to Philly.


3. What makes you come in and train on days that you don’t want to?

The 6AM BRO SQUAD is my motivation for coming in everyday! And of course, the lovely coaches!

4. What’s your favorite movement and/or metcon?

Box jumps and burpees are my favorite movements, because I love jumping. I recently found out at the Total that my back squat PR is much higher than I thought, and that also is becoming one of my favorite movements.

5. What’s one thing you would like to accomplish within CF in the next year?

My upper body strength is kinda weak. My goal is to get better at pull-ups, and hopefully start doing muscle-ups in 2017.

6. Name something about you that’s a little-known fact.

I randomly picked my name “Maple” out of a textbook at my elementary school English class (I grew up in Shanghai).


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