October’s Member of the Month!

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit Center City. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at info@crossfitcc.com to tell us what happened! 

Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to CFCC.

Earlier this summer, we received an email about a 16-year-old that was interested in Olympic Lifting. Any skepticism we may have had evaporated the moment he took his first lift — this guy has had us all paying attention. CFCC’s members may not know a lot about him, but he has steadily become one of the stars of Liberty Barbell Club. The youngest member of the gym, he is relentless. Earlier this fall he qualified for Junior Nationals during his first ever Olympic Weightlifting meet, and every day comes in and quietly puts in work in a way that has gained him the respect and admiration of all of his teammates. We are all incredibly excited to watch him grow.

October’s Member of the Month   is…




“Ricky defines the strong silent type. He may not say much but you can tell he’s a tremendous talent and loves to be at the gym. Even though it takes him forever to get to the gym (2 buses and a subway) he still manages to show up every session ready to go and give everything he has. With a strong showing at his first meet, the Hookgrip classic, he qualified for junior nationals. The only thing that burns brighter than his fire red hair is the passion in his soul for weightlifting. Bottom line, women want him and men want to be him. Ricky B ‘013!!”

“I cannot think of another person that is more deserving of November’s MOTM.  So what makes Ricky so awesome?  Maybe it’s the fact that he travels something like 1-2 hours each way to come lift with Liberty Barbell…or maybe that he’s only 17.  He also acted like a CHAMP when he split his chin open on the platform.  What impresses me the most is that RB has so much dedication to this sport.  He is always one of the first people to arrive, one of the last to leave, and I feel that he truly embodies all of the characteristics that I would want in a teammate.  He offers encouraging words after a lift, makes unexpected jokes, and calls me out for being late; but most importantly, his work ethic sets a great example for others to follow.  I have enjoyed getting to know RB over the past few months, and it is a pleasure to be able to describe his awesome-ness [for those CFCC’ers that do not venture back into the Oly space].   I cannot wait to see Ricky grow as an athlete, and I know that he is going to kick some major ass at Junior Nationals (!) in February.  Congrats RB!!!”

“Ricky, ricky, ricky!!!!”

“If anyone from CFCC or even LBC wants to be inspired to lift, just watch Ricky Beaver. The way he tackles each weight with such intense ferocity; the fearlessness of getting under a heavy weight…its truly inspiring. From his RIDICULOUSLY mobile shoulders (I mean seriously…the range of motion on the kid is ABSURD. FYI: he can squat jerk nearly as much as his splits.), to his nonchalant strut after he hits a PR easily, to his inspirational grit fighting for every kilo, its no surprise to me that he’s qualified for Junior Nationals and this months member of the month. Congrats RB!”




“Ricky is the definition of hard work, determination and humility. I don’t know many people who get after lifts like Ricky. There is nothing like a training session with him, it’s actually motivating. He truly knows how to work hard and being around that just makes me more determined and ambitious to hit big lifts. When he hits a PR the atmosphere of the training session just changes and everybody becomes happier. He has the respect of everybody at LBC, and he didn’t have to say much to earn it. RB will always receive the warmest welcome when he walks in the door. The things that I see from him day in and day out continue to make my jaw drop making me feel proud to be able to train with him. An incredible person with incredible potential. “ –Coach Zoda

“He is highly motivated, always trying to go heavier and heavier. Even if he might not make a weight, he has learned to reduce the weight and work on his technique/speed. From this I have seen that he has the WILL and DETERMINATION that everyone should model. What I love about Ricky is that HE SEES the BIG PICTURE and works for the LONG TERM. Even when he may be going through an injury, he will work around it and still improve on other things. Another great aspect about RB is that he is FOCUSED and has a GREAT ATTITUDE. I see him takes his rest periods as serious as his reps. In the unlikely event of not making a lift, he doesn’t dwell on the fact, he stays POSITIVE and brushes it off, knowing that he will make it next time.

RB, you inspire me every time I see you train and make me want to LIFT HEAVIER! Keep it up ’cause I see great things for you in the future (even outside of weightlifting).

PS. You’re awesome cause your initials are the same as mine. YAY for RB!” – Coach Basa

“When I watch Ricky lift the barbell I get butterflies in my stomach.” – Coach Danny

“I don’t know too much of the Beaver. I have noticed that he comes and puts in more work than anyone else. For example: Instead of dancing to boyband bullshit the other night; he was repping out squats. Respect.” – Coach Tim


“Ricky is an inspiration to watch, even though his bendy elbows freak me out. I wish I’d had half the dedication and commitment that he does now when I was 17! I’m so proud seeing him show up and simply do what needs doing every day he trains, and I can’t wait to see where the next year at LBC takes him. Congratulations, RB!” – Meghan

“Although I have not had the privilege of working with him directly, Ricky is a quintessential example of a no-nonsense hard worker.  His performance and dedication at such a young age is very impressive…And probably makes us all secretly a bit jealous, ha.” – Coach Greg

“It goes without saying that RB is one of the most diligent members in this gym – he absolutely deserves to be Member of the Month. He travels far to get here, he works as hard as possible even when he is here, he squats at home, eats like a champ (and makes much of his own food), and ultimately makes ALL OF US, regardless of age, believe that our best could be a little bit better. I feel so lucky to have RB here – I know he will excel because of his positivity AND his work ethic – I just feel so fortunate to be able to watch it all!” – Erin


1. What do you when you’re not here? Tell us about the high school life/hobbies!

Homework… A lot of it. But every once in a while I find time to practice guitar

2. How did you find out about Oly Lifting and LBC?

I’ve done the lifts for a while training for other sports before starting here. Then I started doing CrossFit on my own last winter and liked doing the lifts even more. And when summer started I decided to get into weightlifting competitively so I looked around online and found LBC.

3. What makes you come in and train on days when you don’t want to?

I think about how much I love doing this, just like everyone else who’s here when I come in. And knowing that every day is an opportunity to get better at whatever you’re doing. 

4. What’s your favorite lift?

Definitely the snatch. You have to make it just about perfect to make the heavy ones.

5. What’s one thing you would like to accomplish within Oly lifting in the next year?

(How about 3?) I want to snatch my best clean and jerk from the Hookgrip Classic at junior nationals, maybe qualify for senior nationals at some point within a year, and hopefully someday get my friends to understand what I actually do when I head down to center city at night 

6. Name something about yourself that’s a little known fact.



CONGRATS RICKY! You’ve obviously made a great impression in your time here so far!

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