So, I’m leaving for around the area of 2 weeks and that means that CFCC has a lot of classes that won’t be taught by me… given that idea I obviously HAD to leave you with someone just about as AWESOME to fill my spot. I kid, I kid…

Anyway, I give you OLYMPIC LIFTING CAMP!

Coach Jim snatches the REALLY big weights.

This will take place ONLY at the NOON SESSIONS DURING THE WEEK (M-F) from Monday 8/1/11 (yep, that’s tomorrow) until Friday 8/12/11.  Each session will feature only Olympic Lifting and NO METCON and all members are invited to take part without any extra cost.

You do not have to attend ALL of these sessions to come to ONE of them, but it will be MOST useful to you not to only attend a session smack dab in the middle of the two weeks.  Try to attend all of them, or simply, a few of them in a row to get the most out of the programming.

If you want to get the MOST out of these sessions I would not recommend doubling up on any sessions outside of these.  Remember everyone, more is not always better… BETTER is better.

Here’s the slated programming:

First Week:

MONDAY, 8/1/11: Hang Snatch, Snatch Pulls

TUESDAY, 8/2/11: Hang Clean, Front Squat

WEDNESDAY, 8/3/11: Jerk, Back Squat

THURSDAY, 8/4/11: Snatch (Power), Front Squat

FRIDAY, 8/5/11: Clean (Power), Romanian Deadlift

Second Week:

MONDAY, 8/8/11: Snatch, Back Squat

TUESDAY, 8/9/11: Clean, Clean Pulls

WEDNESDAY, 8/10/11: Jerk, Front Squat

THURSDAY, 8/11/11: Snatch (Power), Snatch Pulls

FRIDAY: 8/12/11: Clean (Power), Romanian Deadlifts

To attend, sign up on the Google Calendar!

*** If you FAIL to sign up, as with ALL classes from now on… you will be given one strike and allowed to attend the first time.  Upon failing to sign up a second time you will be fined $5 per class.  We don’t like to do this, but RSVPs are important!  It helps everyone in the class out and allows us to run a more efficient gym!  If you’re not sure if you can make it but still want to sign up – then sign up and say that!  If you do not know how to sign up on the Google Calendar of if you cannot for any reason at a given time, ALWAYS email us: crossfitcc@gmail.com***

If you have any questions – just email!



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