“Fitness: An evolving journey and exploration of the connection between spirit, mind, and body WHILE attempting to discover physical potential WHILE leading to discovering purpose and producing longevity of oneself.” -James Fitzgerald

The PhillyFit program powered by CFCC is designed for individuals who want to develop baseline strength and conditioning. In this program you will not find prescribed weights or high skill complex movements. PhillyFit is designed to get individuals fit, fix muscular imbalances, and learn new skills. The workouts will be challenging and test your ability to maximize physical potential. The goal is to teach individuals how to practice good movement patterns and breathe efficiently within metabolically demanding workouts while increasing overall strength. Whether you are just coming out of Elements, completely new to working out, or simply feel like you need additional development of the basics, PhillyFit will be the bridge you need to get closer to Fitness that supports your life!


More Details:

Price: $150/month (new members, seasoned members, and even members who HAVEN’T complete Elements may participate in this program for the same price – it is assumed you will not be attending regular Workout of the Day classes at the same time).

Schedule: M-Th: 530pm, 630pm – 8 person cap per class, Saturday: 12pm, will be the only barbell dominant class in the week. PhillyFit classes principally incorporate gymnastics, calisthenics, jumping, dumbbell and kettlebell lifts. This Saturday class is also open for anyone to drop-in for $20 – even if you have never attended a CrossFit OR PhillyFit class before.

*This program begins on January 6th! Classes are open to PhillyFit members only. All classes (except Saturday) will be held in a space that is currently being developed in the gym for these classes.

Head Coach and Contact Info: Perrin Behr,

How PhillyFit is DIFFERENT than CFCC’s Workout of the Day:

  • There is a lower barrier to entry – no Elements class is required to drop-in to Saturday classes at 12pm and no prior experience with movement is needed to sign up for a membership today!

  • This is Fitness for the purpose of Fitness! We specifically focus on preparing athletes for the kind of fitness they will need for life year-round: balanced strength and conditioning with low-risk and high-return movements.

  • The Barbell is only present one day of the week. CFCC is a BIG fan of barbell movements but we adamantly believe that you MUST own movement in your own body and with single arm and single leg implements and movements prior to beginning to perform your BEST with the more barbell-dominant lifts.

  • Longevity is an absolute priority. PhillyFit classes aim to prioritize this ABOVE the performance requirements of CrossFit workouts that involve more high-risk movements for newer athletes like high-rep gymnastics, olympic lifting, and weightlifting. Fitness is held in balance with Longevity.

  • Classes are capped at 8 people to 1 Coach held in an intimate space.

  • Strength is volume based. Before you would attempt 1-rep maxes, PhillyFit prioritizes that you are able to successfully complete larger sets of movements with virtuosity.

  • Most of the movements are more accessible immediately (pull-ups, planks, lunges, pressing) – this means that the learning curve to being able to complete workouts as rx’d is much shorter.

  • During the weekly programming all movements are strict – more dynamic gymnastics is limited to occasional skill sessions.  This is a great practice for ALL athletes who are interested in performing at a higher level at some point. Women should expect to gain and be able to use bodyweight strict pull-ups and push-ups as they grow in Fitness during PhillyFit. Men should expect the same level of focus in these classes as well.

  • And finally, it’s CHEAPER! You can attend up to 5 classes per week of highly personalized, small-group training for just $150/month. Broken down per session that is $7.50 per class!

How PhillyFit is different than “Bootcamp”:

  • Firstly, bootcamp is freeform calisthenics with a few kettlebells sometimes thrown in – PhillyFit aims to provide programming that is progressive in nature. Although you may never know you’re in the middle of a plan while you’re completing it – there is a method to the madness!  Our goal is to create adaptations that allow you to be stronger and faster!

  • Bootcamp traditionally involves “drill sergeant” coaching where you aren’t allowed to ask questions, think, stop, learn, etc. At Liberty Fitness we aim to provide an atmosphere that is positive, encouraging, challenging, and allows our athletes to grow as people.

  • Bootcamp usually stands on it’s own. We aim to involve athletes in the larger life of CrossFit Center City as much as possible. They receive all kinds of perks of full-price membership at a lower rate: free or specially-rated seminars, nutrition challenges, access to larger gym social events and learning opportunities, Open Gym on Sundays from 8-10am, holiday workouts, and admission to Workout of the Day classes upon expressing interest and receiving the approval of a Coach.

  • Most bootcamp environments do not involve the constant stimulus of Liberty Fitness’ ever-challenging programming: you are meant to progress in strength AND conditioning, and not to just get better at burpees (though we know that will happen as well!)

  • PhillyFit is mixed-modal. We are not only using our bodyweight in ground-based movements but also biking, rowing, running, jumping, pulling, kettlebelling, and dumbbelling. You will also occasionally be able to train highly-skill dominant barbell movements!

  • If bootcamps are traditionally built to crush you, the goal of PhillyFit is to rejuvenate you for your life’s work, whatever that is!  We are not here to break you down, but instead to foster a sense of empowerment within the hour we have you that helps your day to be better!

Check out the programming on the blog with Saturday’s being barbell skill work and conditioning.

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