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Ryan Basa comes to CrossFit Center City from a very diverse background. As a kid, he pretty much played around on skateboards. As a pharmacy student, he has picked up Olympic Weightlifting as a sport and has risen to become one of the best weightlifters in his weight class in the country. Ryan holds PA state records, some mad dance moves, and a sincere desire to impart his love of Olympic Weightlifting upon anyone who has the time.

Ryan began his time at CFCC as an athlete but was eventually approached by Erin to be part of Liberty Barbell Club’s Coaching Apprenticeship Program. Along with his cohort Mike Zoda, he took 6 months to hone his skills, shadow classes, and be a part of the proactive development of Liberty Barbell Club as you see it today. He has also spent time training as an athlete under Bob Takano of Takano Athletics. As an Assistant Coach Ryan Basa has been an instrumental part of the growth of many of our current athletes in achieving qualification for many National level competitive events.

He is a remarkably positive and present Coach. Coach Basa’s goal is to be a part of bringing the fun and the art of Weightlifting to the masses. We are so proud to have him here as part of our team – and we look forward to his forthcoming achievements as an athlete and as a Coach!

What is CrossFit?It gets people moving in ways they never imagined. It also helps point out that our strengths and weaknesses are both physical and mental. I think the greatest benefit that CrossFit has to offer is the camaraderie. Workouts are more fun when you have people working towards a common goal.

Most memorable Liberty Barbell Club moment: After a month or so at Crossfit Center City, Erin was coaching a normal session that had snatches as the skill work. She then brought the weightlifting coach at the time to come down and check out some of my lifts. The two of them then suggested I take some of the Intro Weightlifting classes they offered. I checked it out and started to really like it. CFCC/LBC was holding a local weightlifting competition and the coaches said I might have a shot at qualifying to compete at the American Open. On competition day I landed 2 snatches: 54 and 58, I missed 60. In the Clean & Jerk, I made 84, but missed 88 on the jerk. My coach then asked me if I wanted to try 88 again or go up. I decided the latter. I opted to increase the weight to 90 because 148 was the qualifying total for the American Open. I remember making that lift as a lifetime and competition PR and jumping and hugging my coach right after.

I can’t forget the American Open, University Nationals,and Senior Nationals with Liberty Barbell Club.

And, there was that time I ran the Philadelphia Marathon with Christopher Liddie and my professor about 2 weeks before the American Open.

Goals: Medal at more weightlifting meets. Get a 200 total. I’d also love to coach some more athletes at local and national weightlifting competitions. I also want a faster completion time at the Organ Dash 10K or the Broad Street Run than my professor. Maybe I’ll shoot for a sub 5 min Fran one day…

Hobbies outside of training: FOOOOOD!! I love bacon, filipino food, and burgers with fries. I love a good beer and a good whiskey. I love traveling. I love scripted television. I love music, fashion, and fast cars. I collect shoes and sneakers (I have had about 100+ pairs at one point). I buy so much of my stuff on eBay, I even used to be a PowerSeller! I also enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, 5Ks, 10Ks and the occasional marathon.


  • Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification
  • University of California, Irvine – B.S. Biology & B.A. Psychology – Courses such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Sports Psychology, and Mechanical Physiology
  • Currently enrolled at Temple University School of Pharmacy (Doctor of Pharmacy Program)
  • Gold Medalist at 2013 Weightlifting University Nationals (56 kg)
  • Silver Medalist at 2013 Weightlifting Senior Nationals (56kg)
  • 2012 Philadelphia Marathon Completion
  • First Aid/CPR

Basa currently coaches:

Olympic Lifting

Personal Training with Basa:

$75/hour – please inquire about availability by emailing info@crossfitcc.com.

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