Saturday, 11/6/10

We’ll be outside tomorrow!  Please meet at the racquetball court anyway.  Dress accordingly!

Eileen breathes out upon exerting effort.  How are you breathing?  It’s important!

“Breathing can start with positioning.  How have your shoulders been lately?

Today’s special treat has us thinking about the relationship of shoulder blade to the thoracic spine/rib cage. It kind of crazy to think that your entire shoulder joint basically “floats” on top of your rib cage with but a single anchor (your collar bone). Think about that for a moment. Imagine that you didn’t have full, supple control of that scapula(e) on your ribcage. Gosh, it would almost be like you might not be able to:
1) Stabilize your shoulder very well.
2) Create a stable/dynamic platform for the shoulder to enjoy it’s full excursion.
3) Be able to use this scapulothroacic joint as a sort of dynamic braking device
4) Enjoy being pain free in overhead movements.”
-Kelly Starrett, from Mobility WOD <—– click on the link to learn more.


3 rounds for time:  400m run, 21 KB swings, 12 HSPU.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hey, I want to do this workout, but still can’t run. Could I sub something for the run if I come tomorrow?

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