Saturday, 2/2/13

INTRO to OLY, with Jim, 9am and 12pm.

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 10am-12pm and 2-4pm.

GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 12pm.

BRING A FRIEND WOD, with Tim, from 11-12pm.

Pictured below, you’ll see scenes from what happened last night at the gym at about 530pm.  Meghan and I had been out of the gym for nearly 6 hours trying to get our hands on some second-hand equipment from a CrossFit gym in the area that had closed down.

Most everyone in the entire gym pretty much answered our call for help with unloading a TON (literally) of equipment in the practically Siberian weather – mid-lift, mid-warm-up, post-wod, and pre-workout gear – new members, old members, and staff.

My day started at 6am, with three very tired, but proud Advanced Team CrossFitters (Jan, Chrissey, and Luke) who gave their all at the butt crack of dawn in SILENCE, due to the super accommodating 6am and 7am morning crowds.  The 7am Advanced Oly class was full of heart – like, BEFORE they had coffee… and then looking around at the 6am and 7am class I was fascinated by the number of people swinging the rx’d bell for “Nate” and/or slugging out some assisted muscle-ups with the virtuous fervor of a thousand Sammys – weren’t these people beginners, uhhh, yesterday?

I spent 8am answering MORE Elements emails (the level of interest has been simply RIDICULOUS this year) while listening to the sounds of Milo kidding around with the 8am (mostly something about how Nyasha was laughing out loud) while Coach Tim took over between shifts for Coach Sammy – both of whom were covering for Coach Danny who’s grandmother was suddenly in poor health.

I also read through some of your submissions for Member of the Month which, admittedly, makes it really difficult to pick just one EVERY month.

I trained with the Advanced Team (FIGHT GONE AWFUL?) while the more-innovative-than-you-know construction workers literally sent sparks flying all over the gym (no one took a picture, we were too busy trying to breathe) and then hopped into a ZipTruckThing to gather up the equipment that I’d been told would be available in nearby Kennett Square while housing some salmon from grocery.  Side-note: Meg said it reminded her of this.

Matt King offered to help load up most of the equipment when we got there (because the man LIVES this far away and goes to CFCC) and without flinching did just that.  Let me tell you, this was not easy.  When you are flipping tires today, just imagine being a man with a testy lower back, in the bitter cold, post Fight Gone Bad, pulling tires into a truck with a Meghan (who, admittedly, has deadlifted 300lbs. at one point, but I digress).   He made it look like he’d been raised chucking tires into the backs of vans.

The point is that at some junction on the way home, I turned to Meg and said, “I just can’t believe the people we end up with – they are just… amazing. I feel very lucky.”

And I meant every word of it.  

I basically had to drop everything that got delivered and then hop right into coaching some pretty swell Elements people and as I was coaching them, I felt like I was getting the same sense.  They were offering to help put equipment away for each other.  They were asking questions about virtuous movement.  They were eager to know how they could change for the better.  And even though it had been a VERY long day, and I TOO am on a crazy BCCC regimen right now, I couldn’t help but feel an odd sort of giddy about their questions – I can’t believe that 6 years into this, I’m still THAT excited about talking about CrossFit!

The thing about the bigger the gym gets, is that I’m always worried that things will become less personal, that I won’t know everyone’s name, that my Coaches won’t be as interested in the life of the gym anymore or that when I say 3,2,1…go! no one will burpee, and any myriad of stupid things that I can’t control anyway.

What I have found though, is that all of you – I’m not sure how – have somehow come to embody this one thought: be strong to be useful.  Give what you can.  Do what you can.  Become what you are.

And generally, give anything that you are doing all that you have because really, why not?

I’m not sure how we ended up with such incredible folks, or if every CrossFit gym has these kinds of people in it just because that’s how it goes when you put someone through “Angie” or “Fran”, but I do know, we have something special – and I’m so deeply proud of it, and so grateful for all that it has taught me and for those of you who haven’t seen it yet – stick around. I promise, it won’t take long.  So this is my sappy, late-night letter to say thank you, CFCC – for rolling with the punches, for being a force of real good in the world, and simply, for being you.


P.S. All of this just makes me all the more excited for the CrossFit Games Open :) If you’re not sure if you should participate – read this.


I know this hasn’t been easy every Saturday (having the big WOD of the day be the Bring a Friend WOD) so I just wanted to let you all know, we are definitely working on our Saturday schedule!  I am away this Saturday for a funeral (unfortunately) and next week for a CrossFit biz thing, but I will be here on Saturday, February 16th and we will do “Bring a Friend” PLUS a free-for-members pull-up strength clinic :)  Save the date and thank you for your patience!

Bring a Friend WORKOUT OF THE DAY @11am, with Tim.

Dynamic Warm-up: Tim’s Funky Track Warm-up, about 15 minutes.

Social Warm-up: Tug of War, use the long ropes looped together and have different team combos do battle for 15 minutes.


Movements to learn:

1. TIRE FLIPS:  Use the 400ish pound tires in the new space. This will be done by TWO people (even if it feels REALLY easy)

2. TUCK SIT: use the boxes or the paralletes, everyone will practice before we use them.

3. WALKING LUNGE: remember: drive through the heel or God kills a kitten.

Workout Format:

Each team has 4 members. Each round is three minutes long.  Each team can rest as needed between rounds but must complete at least 3 rounds total.

One person is completing 60ft. of a walking lunge, and one person is completing a tuck sit hold, two people are flipping the tire as much as possible. Your score for this WOD is how many tire flips you do. The 60ft. lunge MUST be completed before the lunger and the tuck sitter may replace the tire flippers. BUT, the lunger can only go, when the tuck sitter is tuck sitting. If they fail to tuck sit, the lunger must pause until they resume.

*If there is an odd number, one very strong team may simply have one person flipping the tire.

*Two teams can go at the same time, but record which tire each team flips each time. It should always be the same tire. At this rate, the WOD takes 9 minutes, but with at least 16 people there, the WOD will take at least 18 minutes.

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