Saturday, 5/14/11

At 2pm today I’ll be making sandbags, spray painting logos, and generally making everything look nicer in the gym.  If anyone wants to help, please come by!  I’ll post some pics when I’m done…

Good luck to Rachel Baratz, David Wisniewski, Tony Kasandrinos, and Meghan Ramos as they run their 5k today!


Workout of the Day (9am, 1pm):

Self Myofascial Release: Lacrosse Ball to feet, 2 minutes each side.
Mobility WOD: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side.
Warmup of the Day: 3 Rounds of 10 each, or 5 on each leg: Spiderman to Stand, Adductor Mobs, Heel Press-downs, Easy Pull-ups (kip allowed), Easy push-ups.
DEATH BY THRUSTERS or, every minute on minute do 1 more thruster (95/65). In the first minute, do 1.  In the second minute, do 2. In the 10th minute, do 10.  Capped at 15 minutes.
Then, after resting for no more than 5 minutes: 4 Rounds for total time of: 1 minute front plank, 25 air squats.  Aim is completely unbroken 4 rounds.
CrossFit Endurance (10am):
12×1 min. intervals, rest 30 secs between intervals.
Kettlebellz, (11am):
Lateral warmup
Box jump 3×5
Crossover pushup 3×10
Windmill x 5es
Pullups:  3 sets for max reps, AS STRICT AS POSSIBLE.  10 side to side lunges without weight in between each set.
Kb front squat x 50
Press x 26
Kb front squat x 30
Press x 16
Kb front squat x 20
Press x 12
Partner stretch
Gymnastics, (12pm):

Kinesthetic Awareness/Skill: Kipping and Inverted hang/Skin-the-cats
Buy-in: 2 minute wall handstand
1 pass “monkey bars”
30 hollow rocks
20 pushups
10 forward rolls
20 pushups
30 hollow rocks
1 pass “monkey bars”
Cash-Out: 2 minute plank hold
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