SATURDAY, 7/24/10


GYMNASTICS today included review of the following:

Handstand to Roll, Free-standing Handstand Kick-ups, Handstand Kick-ups on Paralletes

L-Pullups (and Tuck Variations)

OLYMPIC LIFTING tomorrow will be Snatch Skill Work plus Heavy Snatch Balances. Class is at 10am!  Please be there!

2 Responses to “SATURDAY, 7/24/10”
  1. sammaurelio says:

    Unfortunately… I have work :'( I’ll have to use those Chucks next Oly lifting class.

  2. Reuben Asia says:

    Hey Greg and Erin,

    Can you elaborate a little on pre- and post- workout nutrition habits.

    What should one eat directly before and after a workout? Examples would be great.

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