Saturday, 9/3/11

If you are not a member of CFCC unfortunately this day is reserved for a member event – please email us if you’d like to attend a session at another time.  There will be no other regularly schedules classes on this day.  No exceptions will be made.


VIVA LA TOTAL! It’s here!  The CrossFit Total begins at 11am this morning and will run until 2pm.  The gym will be open for Warm-Up at 1030am.  Arrive ON TIME for your time slot or you will lose your spot in line!  Here’s how the set-up will work tomorrow.  Scheduling for a time slot is first come, first served!  If you have signed up, we consider you first unless you forfeit your time by showing up late!

Step 1: WARM-UP When you arrive you will be directed to a Warm-Up area that will be manned by YOURS TRULY (Erin).  Upon arriving in the Warm-up area you will tell me which lift you’d like to begin with, Squat or Deadlift.  At this point, no one will begin with the Press (sorry, guys.  We’re short a few coaches!)  I’ll recommend a warm-up pattern if you don’t already have your own and we’ll prepare you to walk on to the floor and make your attempts.  I will not help you to warm-up your body, just for your particular lift!  A recommended warm-up will be provided for each lift, arrive early to be the most prepared!

Step 2: SQUAT OR DEADLIFT Jim Rutter will be manning the Squat station (including spotting) and Liz will be manning the Deadlift station.  You will make 3 attempts (and only 3 attempts at each of these lifts – choose your lifts wisely!)  Jim and Liz will be on hand to give you advice on your attempts and also to provide for your general safety.  Any members who have already completed the Total that can help with loading would be very helpful!

Step 3: PRESS You may move on to the press after completing the Squat or Deadlift.  Sammy will be your coach.  You will make 3 attempts as before.  Once you are done, Sammy will record all your numbers and direct you to a station you can help with (should you choose to help with your heat).

*Beginners should not expect to express their true maxes yet – but should go heavy if their skill allows. Trust your coaches – do your best!

*Intermediate lifters are asked to reach a true MAX… as close to the most they can lift as possible, while still being mindful of their safety for training in the future and the experienced opinions of their Coaches. 

*If you can stay and encourage your fellow CFCCers – they’d love it!  Additionally, two randomly-selected teams of 3 (3 men and 3 women) will be awarded prizes for the highest CUMULATIVE (all 3 of their scores) total.  You’ll find out who’s on your team later so CHEER FOR EVERYONE (unless you don’t like prizes – weeeeird). 

And, just to review – here are the lifts:

The Back Squat


The Deadlift (yes, this is the heaviest lift ever completed at CrossFit Center City – brought to you by our dear friend, Nick who is currently in the UK!)


And if you’re interested in seeing a little more – check out some old Max Deadlifts… including the one before Nick got real strong.

The Press A video of a sandbag press (hint hint) is here. Below you can see the top position of the press.  With no active flexion of the hip involved the press is best done using a tight trunk and aggressive speed out of the bottom position.  Stay close to the bar and finish the lift if it gets above your forehead.

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  1. jpap says:

    I’ll admit I’ve thought about the total a couple times over the past couple weeks.

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