Schedule Changes!

As some of you might have noticed, the Calendar looks a little sketchy at the moment.  Fret not, that’s because there’s some big stuff going on this week that you need to be aware of:

Wednesday, as usual.

Thursday, the City is doing some work with plumbing to get there to be NO MORE ISSUES with it so the schedule on Thursday will be:

6a, 7a, 8a, 530pm, 630pm, 730pm Gymnastics and also 530pm, 630pm ON RAMP.  During the 530pm hour we may still not have working plumbing so please plan accordingly and bring an outhouse (<———that’s a bad joke, but really, plan to go to the use the bathroom somewhere BEFORE you get here.)

Friday, your coaches are going up to Providence, RI to get smarter.  We’re so excited to learn more and we hope you won’t loathe us for doing so! As a result the schedule for Friday will be:

No classes except one at 530pm, which Arrus will be coaching.  That’s right.  ARRUS!  There will be an alternate workout posted at home for anyone that wants to do it.

Saturday, because we will not return until Sunday afternoon, Katie Davenport (who is Level 1 Certified – woohoo!) will be coaching a 9am and a 2pm session for anyone who would like to train.

Sunday, there will be no classes!

As I’ve said, we are very sorry to be leaving you for the weekend, but are hoping to bring back everything we learn to make us better at coaching you!

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  1. Drew says:

    kd AND arrus??!! double win!! im so sad im going to be out of town from fri-sun!!!! good luck guys you’re gonna be SO AWESOME.

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