So, I have a little injury – now what?

A twinge, an ache that lingers, we’ve all been there and even as invincible as we all are, injuries are a part of training. Whether you’re coming to us with a history of competitive sports or are getting active for the first time with our programming- we all share the common denominator of knowing pain. Some athlete’s experience wrist pain when they’re first starting CrossFit, some suffer from chronic knee pain after years of training from another sport. The one thing that ties us all together isn’t the most exciting to talk about, but since it happens to best of us- we should be talking about how to be proactive when something happens.

The immediate withdrawal from the gym, what some of us have lovingly dubbed the “hot stove effect,” (I touched this thing, I got burned, I’m not going to touch this thing again) can be the greatest enemy of your injury and your overall sanity. It is a natural, and somewhat rational reaction to being hurt in the gym: take a few days off, do absolutely nothing to perturb said injury, sit and wait, things will be fine!

If you’ve hurt yourself in the gym, the best thing you can do is tell your coach about it as soon as it’s happened. If it’s an injury that creeps up after class, or overnight still email the coach who last worked with you and try to describe what you’re feeling as best as possible. From there, we’ll work together as a staff to make sure that you’re still able to come in and complete workouts that don’t further injure you. In addition to not hurting you, we MAY even be able to help you! ALWAYS feel free to consult with a medical professional as well.

We have extensive experience with working around athlete’s injuries- including month long programs designed to help you stay fit while you focus on recovery (specific to your limitation.) These “injury templates” are included in your membership (read; no additional charge!!)¬†because we don’t think that not being able to use one part of your body should preclude you from using all parts of your body and this allows us to still coach you towards your goals. In addition to offering templates, our coaches are always available for individual programming- a slightly more personalized approach to help either accelerate your recovery or help you continue to work towards your long-term goals.

On top of all the amazing things that we can do to help you, here are some not so amazing things that can happen if you stop coming completely: 

1. Without activity, scar tissue around the injury can develop- leading to a decrease in range of motion or capability of specific muscle group. Use it or lose it is definitely a thing.

2. Not addressing the cause of an injury results in the body’s natural compensation for the shortcoming. You may start to further exacerbate the weaker parts of yourself, and only exhaust the parts that are functioning properly. For example: doing 100 push ups every day because you can’t squat is a great way to ruin your shoulders as well. Let us help!!

3. The development of asymmetries will occur. If you’ve hurt your left wrist, you may start to unknowingly reach for things only with your right hand, pick things up only with your right side, swing your bag over your shoulder only with your right arm- and over time, those adjustments will develop asymmetrical capacity, strength, and function in the body.

4. The referral process from the staff isn’t explored. We’ve got a tool kit full of our own screenings and activations that may help you, but beyond that, we know the numbers, email addresses, and business hours of people that we’ve personally worked with and trust to handle your injury best. Pick our brains, and our rolodex.

All of this is to say, when you stub your toe- you don’t stop walking. When you pinch your finger, you don’t stay home from work for the week- you find ways to work around it until things get better.¬† And that’s exactly what we can do for you.

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