If you are interested in learning more or in joining us the Powerlifting and Strongman program at CFCC, please contact Coach Heckman at

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Below, Andrew, many pounds stronger over the course of 2 years! You can read more about Andrew’s beginning here. 


What might Powerlifting and Strongman look like in real time? Watch one of Liberty Strength Society’s most improved members lift ALL THE THINGS through out a year below: 

“Before starting any strength and conditioning program make sure your heart is healthy enough for strenuous exercise. After the doctor checks you out find a mirror and repeat the following – I am not a beautiful and unique snowflake. I am the same decaying organic matter as everyone else; I am part of the same compost pile. Nobody is coming to save me. No one is hiding behind the next corner to pull me into the gym to hammer me into shape. There is no one at the market that will show me what to eat to be strong. I have to take it upon myself to make a change. I will not ask dumb questions on the Internet looking for approval from an obnoxious email domain giving me the proverbial hand job. Weakness will no longer suffice; fuck mediocrity.”

– John Welbourn

barrett yoke


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