Sunday, 1/15/12

Hey, eaters. You’ve got questions? Here’s a page of some really good answers.

Want a muscle-up – watch these in slow mo to get a sense of just what needs to happen:

Watch more videos on SICFIT

GYMNASTICS with Sammy is at 9am and 2pm tomorrow:

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: lax ball shoulders, 3 mins
MOBILITY: band assisted: pec, overhead, rack stretch, 1 min each side
3 rounds:
5 forward rolls
5 squat jumps
5 handstand walk-ups
Skill #1: kipping handstand push-up
Skill #2: skin-the-cat/back lever
AMRAP 10mins:
3 kipping handstand push-ups (sub: kip to plank, headstand tuck-ups)
3 skin-the-cats
5 tuck-jumps

INTRO TO OLYMPIC LIFTING, 10-1130am with Erin:

Review Snatch.  Snatch up to a peak set.  Snatch drills.  Clean and Jerk.  Focus is on the Jerk.

This class is capped at 8 attendees. Please sign up on the Calendar to attend!  

I know that the class is already full, guys. Sorry. I would offer to teach another class but unfortunately I have plans that I made a month ago tomorrow.  We will try to put two intro to Olys on Sundays in the future.  Thanks for bearing with us! – Erin

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  1. Nat Arem says:

    I’m the one who shot that video and stupid sicfit ripped it off of my youtube channel (and refused to properly attribute it)! Here’s the original:

    Crazy that it has 110k+ views now

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