Sunday, 2/6/11

Classes tomorrow will be: 10am WOD, 11am Intro to Oly Lifting, 12pm WOD, 1pm Oly Lifting Spec.  Bring your snatchin’ shoes!

Posture and Stability: Single Leg Squat Holds, 1 minute each leg

Power Snatch, up to a peak set of 2.

Then, on the minute every minute for 12 minutes: 2 power snatches at slightly less than peak weight.  Your second rep will be immediately followed by 2 overhead squats.


Intro to Oly Lifting:

  • Skill Work: Overhead Squat
  • Strength: Power Clean, moving from the hang to the floor

Oly Lifting Spec:

  • Introduction to the Burgener Warm-up
  • Two-position Power Clean, 6 x 2 @ 85% of max
  • Snatch Pulls, 6 x 2 @ 115% of max

Have you been intermittent fasting for a little while now?  What advantages or disadvantages are you feeling from this change in behavior?  Post to comments!

4 Advantages of Intermittent Fasting from PANU:

Advantages of infrequent meals:

1) Enhanced metabolic training in the direction of fat metabolism

2) Lower insulin levels and fewer insulin related diseases (Metabolic syndrome, degenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s, common cancers)

3) Greater tolerance for fasting makes it easier to tolerate not eating – this give you “metabolic headroom” -it makes you more functional and resilient – You are a Porsche with a 40 gallon gas tank instead of a truck running on lead acid batteries.

4) If you exercise while fasting, the lack of insulin in the fasting state improves the fat-mobilizing and insulin-sensitizing benefits of the exercise.

Some interesting thoughts on competing from Ben Bergeron, host of the Beasts of the East, from CrossFit New England.

My training at 39, from Robb Wolf,  a great example of looking at the whole picture.

10 Superbowl Recipes from Hayley and Bill.

Many thanks to those of you who helped us welcome Jay today!


4 Responses to “Sunday, 2/6/11”
  1. KD says:

    Re: Me and Jen. Kettlebell FAIL. WHy didn’t anyone tell us it was a KB class?

  2. Meghan says:

    “CrossFit and metabolic conditioning are very powerful and very beneficial when properly used. They can also take you down at the knees if improperly employed. Because tapping into the glycolytic pathway releases adrenal-cortical hormones, it’s not a good idea to push ANY type of met-con during an adrenal recovery phase. It’s tough, you feel “out of shape” but you really need to keep things to strength training and not much more than a brisk walk if you want to get the best, fastest results. Then you can get back to beating yourself to death.”


    • Meghan says:

      Oh, and I hit reply too soon. I’ve been doing the IF thing since the Grog talk. Then of course, I got nailed with a bad cold so things were kind of weird during that couple of days.

      I’m naturally not very hungry in the morning so the whole not eating til 12 or 1 thing is not too difficult. The BCAAs that I’m pulsing are pretty disgusting, but I’ve settled on a 2-Truelemon/serving ratio and that seems to work out well.

      It’s hard to compare performance and stuff because my strength is not where it was prior to the hobbit hole move. I know it will come back, though. Now that I think about it, I’ve been pretty happy with my metcon performance lately (for me, anyway, my metcon sucks pretty bad usually). So I’ll keep that in mind.

      I really like the concept of the feeding window. The only thing I’ve been concerned about is that I might not be replenishing my calories. But I haven’t felt lethargic or anything so I think I’m okay. And I really like the convenience of not having to pack breakfast foods for work.

  3. I really like that it’s okay that I don’t have food in my house – and I can just go food shopping when I get home at 5 :)
    It’s getting easier. But it’s a slow process.

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