Sunday, 3/25/12

Looking down at the floor on Saturday at the new space.


We’ll see you all at the gym at 10am tomorrow – or later for those of you who cannot make it until later.  We’ve got a bunch of jobs that we’ll be handing out so that we can use your time wisely and once it’s all done we’d love to take you all out for a drink at Smokin’ Betty’s at 11th and Sansom – so please stick around!

We are leaving Locust and moving on to Chestnut. CFCC’s new address will be at 1229 Chestnut in the basement. The entrance to CFCC will be on Chestnut directly to the right of the Adelphia House Apartments.  For classes on Monday we will keep the door open and will run on our normal schedule: classes at 6a, 7a, 8a, 12pm, 430p, 530p, 630p, and 730p – but there will be no Mobility.

We’ll be working on getting fobs for all members so that CFCC can be open during business hours only but never while we are busy training (here’s to no more interruptions mid-WOD by our very friendly “friends” on lower 13th street!).

We will also be spending the rest of this week trying to get some last minute work done around the space.  Tomorrow, when you see it, it’ll be in a mostly finished state – but there’s always more work to do than you think when you move.  We ask you to bear with us as we take steps to make this new space as good as it can be.

Speaking of making this new space as good as it can be… tomorrow and through out the week we’ll be asking the members of CFCC to sign off on “the rules of the gym”.  If you take issue with any of the rules below, just let us know – but otherwise, we see these as a way of regulating what most of you learn as “the norm” once you’ve been in the gym for a few weeks anyway.  It’s all a part of keeping this new space in the best shape we can and keeping you all as safe as possible.

For the funnier side of the Rules of the Gym… check this out:



Here are our rules:

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