Sunday, 5/1/11

Today’s sessions (10am and 12pm) will be held in Rittenhouse Park. Don’t go to the gym first!  Go straight to the park and look for the kettlebells.  Bring some water, your running shoes, and a friend!

SKILL WORK: Partner assisted Free-Standing Handstands

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: With a partner. 5 3-minute Rounds, each for max reps Kettlebell Swings (rest as needed between rounds): 6 50ft. Burpee Sprints (partners must alternate), as many swings as possible before 3 minutes is up. (1.5/1 pood, 1 kettlebell per team)

Ryder knows that CrossFit should be fun - and Jordan knows that mobility is important :)

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  1. angie says:

    who the heck is riley:P

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