Sunday, 5/14/11

SUNDAY: Yoga is at 10am – please come and meet Katie! Also, the last of the pull-up bar will be put in by Tony (THAAAAANKS, TONY!) and we’ll be reintroducing some dear old friends of CFCC – the sandbags. Once upon a time this entire gym was run with 4 pull-up spaces, a set of 12 sandbags, and 1000lbs. of sand. Check out Greg’s 300lb. sandbag back squat here.That’s Karis in the background helping him out!

Maybe you won't thank Reid, Jordan, Abbey, Jake, and Chris S. for helping me with the sandbags... but I will! Thanks so much for being so helpful and willing to get a little messy directly after training.

Self MyoFascial Release: On a box, sit on the lacrosse ball so that it’s placed on the high hamstring and do 50 reps of extension on each leg.

Mobility WOD: Band Assisted Hamstring Pressing, 1 minute each leg. Wall-Assisted Butterfly Stretch, 1 minute.

Warm-up: 3 rounds of 50ft. length of each: Prisoner Lunges, High Kicking, Butt Kicking, Skipping for Height.

The group will split into teams of 2.  These teams will complete the following for time where only 1 athlete is allowed to move at a time and you cannot move onto another segment until the previous segment is entirely finished.

For time:

Row 1000m

Box Jumps (30/24), 50 reps.

Sandbag Squat Clean – Zercher Catch (100/50), 25 left, 25 right.

50ft. Walking Lunge, 4 Lengths.

Sandbag Push Press  (100/50), 50 reps.

Toes-to-Bar, 50 reps.

Walking Handstand, 50ft. (Partners can assist partners with this movement only, if not walking handstand, then wheelbarrow).




3 Responses to “Sunday, 5/14/11”
  1. Meghan says:

    So sorry I couldn’t be there today, this looked really fun. Also, for the record, I am TOTALLY into the yoga class and would definitely attend if it were added to the schedule regularly. Just couldn’t make it today!

    • Thanks for the input, Meg :) We had a lot of fun and I think it’ll probably become a regular thing… it’s not for everyone but it’s a great way to start the week… I think the only little change we’re going to have to make is that we’ll have to do a 9am session on Sundays so that everyone who does Yoga and stays for the noon is not totally and utterly chill by the time of the workout. HA!


  2. rachel says:

    I’m all for a 9am Sunday session…Ethan is usually napping then! And I’d also Love to do cfcc yoga.

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