Sunday, 9/4/11

There are no classes tomorrow at CFCC (Croga/CrossFit Yoga has been permanently moved to Wednesdays at 730pm) – but that DOESN’T mean that you can’t do some things to maximize your recovery from the CrossFit Total. If you take your training seriously – you’ll REALLY get serious about your recovery.

Check out what ice baths can do for you (from CrossFit Marin).

And take a solid 20 minutes to stretch yourself at home! Check out the Couch Stretching Series from CrossFit San Francisco – Dooooode, where’s my quads AND Your Tight Hips Betray You.

Other great stretches to try if you’re feeling pretty tight: the Wall Assisted Series – Straddle, 90/90, and the Hamstring Stretch.  If your back is feeling those deadlifts, do some cat camels as well, try NOT to twist and crack your back AT ALL, and ice your back specifically!  You can ice as many times as you want.  Some light walking and/or running should also help.

If you didn’t total… REST UP.  Monday we will only have two sessions at 8am and 11am – and they’re gonna be OLD SCHOOL SPECIAL.

CrossFit Total Scores

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  1. Meghan says:

    Hey! Add our scores to the Total list too!

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