Workout of the Day: Saturday, 7.4.15.

Happy 4th of July! Please meet at Washington Square Park  (6th and Walnut Streets) promptly at 1oam! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: Please meet at Washington Square Park (6th and Walnut Streets) at 10am! MOVEMENT PREP: 400m jog, high knees, butt kicks, lateral lunge, carioca, bear crawl, crab walk CONDITIONING:  5 Rounds 400m Run 10 DB Goblet Hold […]

Workout of the Day: Friday, 7.4.14

The 4th of July workout will take place at Washington Square Park at 10am. Feel free to meet at the park, or for those who would like to help with transporting equipment please meet at the gym promptly at 9:30am. WORKOUT OF THE DAY: In teams of 3, each team will carry a medicine ball […]

Workout of the Day: Monday, 6.24.13

SPECIAL NOTES for this week: 1. One more nod to the LBC Classic. Many thanks again for those of you who helped out with the Liberty Barbell Classic this past weekend, and CONGRATS to all who competed for your hard-earned lifts! 2. ‘MERICA. Remember, on the 4th of July all classes will be cancelled save […]

Monday, 7/4/11

All classes (except for Strength at 5pm) are cancelled tomorrow – enjoy the holiday! And enjoy the “MURPH MASSACRE” pics (and the rest of the pics from June).

Sunday, 7/3/11

Dear, CFCC – IF you can, and you don’t mind… please arrive at 9am tomorrow and help out until 10am if you’re doing “Murph”, or help out whenever you can. We’ll be there bringing up equipment from the basement so that the demo can happen in the basement on Tuesday until at least 1130am. THE […]