Wednesday, 12/19/12

RUNNING, with Ave, 7am. ONE HOUR OLY, with Sammy 12pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm. ROWING, with Ave, 730pm. CFCC is on the mainpage again!  MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll – 3 minutes. Cressey Warm-up. Overhead Squat Holds. STRENGTH: A slightly different complex: Split Jerk x 1! CONDITIONING: 7 Rounds for time of: Push Press (95/65), 7 reps. Burpees, 7 […]

Tuesday, 6/26/12

CONDITIONING with Tim at 630-7am (tires at the park!!!) INTRO to OLY with Jim from 1130am-1pm HYBRID OLY with Jim from 7-9am and 530-730pm ADVANCED OLY with Jim from 9-11am and 730-930pm CROGA with Tim at 6pm Rest vs. Recovery – from the folks at Whole9 which reminds me of the saying, “Your training is […]