Tuesday, 4/3/12

How to get into Advanced Classes at CFCC. A new Advanced Schedule is coming at you PURTY SOON – our requirements MAY change, but they will not be less difficult than these! In case you missed it and were wondering – CFCC has RULES!  Here are they are. SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll as needed, 5 […]

In honor of our guests last night (Thanks again for visiting, Bill and Hayley!) and because pumpkin and pancakes definitely go together. Most things in nature are at their fullest when they move with others: have you check out Advanced Classes yet?  Inspiration is a daily activity, CFCC – why not schedule it?  The list’s […]

One-Armed Handstands

Wall-assisted of course, but check out the active shoulders!  Remember that a static hold in the one-armed handstand is a requirement to enter the Advanced Classes at CFCC.  If you have questions about these classes, or how to achieve each goal, let us know!

Introducing… Advanced classes at CFCC.

We will be beginning a run of this in November, beginning only with weekend sessions in this month.  We will be alternating the time and the days so that people who can’t come on Sunday can sometimes come on Saturdays.  Requirements thus far are below: a. 3 months of membership at CFCC b. Snatch, clean […]