Sunday, 3/25/12

SUNDAY’S WORKOUT OF THE DAY is… MOVING! We’ll see you all at the gym at 10am tomorrow – or later for those of you who cannot make it until later.  We’ve got a bunch of jobs that we’ll be handing out so that we can use your time wisely and once it’s all done we’d […]

Quite possibly one of the most important posts ever.

There are a number of very big changes that are taking place soon at CFCC – and this post is meant to inform you all, the wonderful collection of folks that make up this great place we call CrossFit Center City, of everything that will be going down in the next few months. As many […]

The next Olympic Lifting cycle starts next Monday, October 31st and is open to non-members!

Video from the actual Olympic Lifting meet from this past Saturday will be posted soon – until then, enjoy this little training montage :)  Don’t worry, all the good competitive lifts are coming up in the next one!  This is just further proof that we can all learn from our mistakes! [youtube=]   The next […]

Saturday, 9/17/11

THERE ARE NO CLASSES TOMORROW – but there is a Nutrition Seminar brought to us by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites!  You can still sign up here! If you are planning on attending, please make sure that you bring your lunch if you’d like to maximize your time during the break.  Be sure to bring […]

OUR CURRENT CYCLE + new announcements about Class Times!

MONDAY – Squat Clean (2-1-2-1) TUESDAY – Ring Dip (Weighted) (5, 3, 2, 1) + rowing variations WEDNESDAY – Sandbag Dominant (longer time domain metcon) THURSDAY – Sumo Deadlift (5, 3, 2, 1) + single leg dominant variations FRIDAY – “Lynne” – Bench/Strict Pull-up, no strength component but many Lynne variations SATURDAY – Partner WOD […]

All Classes (and by extension the CrossFit Total) cancelled for Sunday.

Sorry, folks. Just like the title says, the CrossFit Total is officially cancelled for Sunday and moved to next Saturday, September 3, 2011. There will still be an alternate date to the alternate (date) but this date should not be concerned optimal for participation as all the coaches will be lifting (instead of coaching you!) […]

TUESDAY, 8/2/11

ON RAMP members will be combined with the regular class tonight at 630pm. We’ll follow this format in my absence so if you have friends that are interested in checking out CrossFit let ’em know that Saturday at 11am is the day to do it. After attending that class they should be able to move […]

CFCC Sammy is twenty one prom (CFCCSITOP) and you are invited!

See here for more details – if you’re a member you and a friend are invited.

Monday, 7/4/11

All classes (except for Strength at 5pm) are cancelled tomorrow – enjoy the holiday! And enjoy the “MURPH MASSACRE” pics (and the rest of the pics from June).

Saturday, 7/2/11

There are no classes today except for STRENGTH with Jay at 11am (a reserved class only – so don’t sign up unless you are one of the many). Get some rest!  Tomorrow, we “Murph”.  If you’re down the shore this weekend – try a Travel WOD and send us your pictures!