Workout of the Day: Friday, 4.15.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Banded lat stretch 1 min/arm, band distracted spiderman or wall quad stretch 1 min/side 2 Rounds: banded side lying clamshells x 10/leg, 10 sumo squat to stand, 30ft broad jump STRENGTH: A. Slow pull clean (3 sec lift off to top of knee); 75%x3, 80%x3, 85%x1-2, Rest 2 min bt. %’s […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 3.28.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax/softball to hip flexors/adductors, lat/serratus – 4 min 2 Rds: sumo squat to stand x 10, banded side lying clamshells x 10/leg, prone lying T’s and I’s x 10 w/10 sec hold on last rep STRENGTH: A. Back Squat Cluster; 2.2.2 x 3 sets @ 70% , Rest 10 sec., […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 2.1.16.

2016 In House Competition Congratulations to all the competitors who battled it out on Saturday in the Basement of Dreams. It was a close competition the entire day with team Wizard of Voz coming out on top! Thank you to all of our amazing judges and volunteers who made all of the events run smooth […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 1.25.16.

AP Strength Ap Strength is CFCC’s intro to powerlifting course. This class is formatted to increase experience, and strength, with the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. Let our coaches make you a stronger, sexier, thicker, and perhaps hairier (that’s by choice) athlete. All are welcome to partake in this hour long strength feast of the […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 1.4.16.

Member of the Month Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit Center City. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 12.28.15.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine and adductors x 3 min, banded lat stretch 1 min/side 2 Rounds: Sumo squat to stand x 10, Lateral skater squat x 5/leg, 10 scap pull ups + 10 second relaxed bar hang STRENGTH: A1. Back Squat @ 70% x 5 reps x 3 sets, Rest 30 […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 12.21.15.

Meet the ULiftU Interns! Giancarlo “Gianni” Morante Alexandra “Lexi” Ashcraft WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Half kneeling hip flexor stretch w/glute activation x 1 min/leg, 10 T’s w/10s hold on last rep, 10 I’s w/10s hold on last rep 1 Round: 10 pause goblet squats, 10 scap push ups, 10 rocking ankle mobilizations /leg, 10 […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 12.7.15.

The 2015 American Open Championships Congratulations to Mike Zoda, Chris Knizewski, Perrin Behr, Silvana Gonzalez, and Morgan Vozobule on a great weekend in Reno! For archived video of the meet checkout Floelite here. The 6th Annual Rittenhouse Run The Rittenhouse Run is an annual event that CFCC does in teams at Rittenhouse Park. The end objective is PURE FUN […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 11.30.15.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Spiderman or Wall quad stretch 1 min/side, Softball/lax ball to lat/serratus 1 min/side 2 Rounds: 10 sumo squat to stand, 10 rocking ankle mobilizations/leg, 10 scap pull ups STRENGTH: A. Clean @ 80% x 3, 85% x 2, 90% x 1 – These are all singles. Rest 2 minutes bt % increases […]


Workout of the Day: Monday, 11.23.15.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Stache Showdown on Saturday! Thank you to our sponsors Groom Philly, Flotation Philly, and all of the volunteers and spectators who came out to the event. On behalf of CrossFit Center City, Liberty Barbell Club, and Liberty Strength Society, we are grateful for the support of ULiftU and […]