Saturday, 8/6/11

There are NO regular CrossFit classes today but there is RUNNING at 930am-11am!  (Gymnastics has been moved to Sunday.) If you aren’t new, please don’t attend the ON RAMP – that’s just not fair to the new people (and I’m definitely enforcing this from vacation… even though it’s “Cindy” do NOT attend the On-Ramp unless […]

Friday, 7/22/11

Don’t forget to sign up on the Google Calendar to attend the Mock Olympic Lifting Competition tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) at 2pm.  Your fellow CFCCers will be lifting for a max in the snatch and the clean and jerk in preparation for their competition the following weekend in York, PA.  In short, it’ll be AWESOME and […]

Saturday, 7/9/11

You’re reading the Calendar correctly if all you see is Specialty Classes and On-Ramp slated for today.  Get yourself to a specialty class.  They’re good for you! Thinking about cooking your food for the weekend?  Miss sammiches? Try prepping at least ONE of these 15 ways to make a Lettuce Wrap here.  Seriously, eating well […]