And now… the before and after pictures of the winners of the CFCC BCCC!

It’s no secret to anyone who’s hung around this spot longer than a week or so that we’re a crew that loves delicious food (perhaps because we live smack in the middle of approximately eight million amazing burger, brunch and boozin’ spots). Yes, we enjoy the Good Things in Life, but we’re also committed to […]

The latest Elements Members!

If you see them around, ask ‘em what their Fran times are – because NOW THEY KNOW! :)

CFCC BCCC Winners!

This past challenge was another game changer – this time, for over 30 participants who, over the course of just 30 days, dramatically changed their health, body composition, and subsequently, their performance! I could not be happier with the results of the last challenge – everyone learned a lot and put in a ton of […]


A new wave of Elements (CrossFit Center City’s Foundations of CrossFit Class) has begun, but a new wave of MEMBERS from the last rotation has joined!  If you see them around, say hey!  Also, maybe say, “My name is Reid, and if you I happen to get a little nauseous, don’t take it personally!”  Or […]