The beginning.

I read a lot of Seth Godin, because he’s basically like the fairy godmother of answers to my business-y questions. Whatever the problem of the day is that we’re facing, he seems to publish the perfect blog post that makes us feel a little less crazy. This is today’s, and I feel like it’s a […]

ASK ERIN: is this for me?

Hi Erin-   Thank you again for being such a great coach!     I am having doubts about my ability to be anything but mediocre at Crossfit.  I left (almost) every class feeling weak and sorry for myself..      I am definitely motivated by your enthusiasm for me to join, but are you […]

Monday, 5/14/12

Don’t forget that this is where we are in the Grand Scheme of things PROGRAMMING-wise. Welcome to the second week of the Cycle! REGISTRATION IS OFFICIALLY UP FOR SUMMER CAMP! WOOHOO!  The first 10 sign-ups get $50 off! Hybrid Oly with Jim, 7-9am – with Sammy, 530-730pm ADVANCED Oly with Jim, 9-11am and at 730-930pm […]

More Elements graduates!

CFCC has officially hit 200 members – that’s some incredible stuff. Every round of Elements never ceases to amaze me!  A whole new slew of people has been welcomed into CFCC and each and every one of them is just waiting to fulfill their new-found potential.  Tis the season for growing into something you didn’t […]

New classes on the Schedule!

Hello, friends! We’ve added a number of classes to our schedule for the month of April and until June and I just thought you MIGHT want to know about them via something other than our online schedule.  This schedule is in effect as of tomorrow morning (Thursday)! Please note that the only regular classes that […]

Thursday, 3/8/12

Specialized Classes: None. Elements: 9am with Sammy, 6pm with Erin, 7pm with Tim. CF Games Open: 7am and 7pm, sign up on the old Google Calendar! Check out Workout 12.3 of the CrossFit Games Open. Just in case you missed it… the results of the CFCC BCCC – the next one is in April! In […]

Tuesday, 3/6/12

Specialized Classes: None. Elements: 7am with Cassie, 9am with Sammy, 6pm with Erin, 7pm with Tim. Below, you’ll find a picture of my brother during his Elements (thanks, Chris!) Class.  It’s taken him a long time but for the first time ever, he’s giving CrossFit a real try.  He’s already got some of the spirit […]


A new wave of Elements (CrossFit Center City’s Foundations of CrossFit Class) has begun, but a new wave of MEMBERS from the last rotation has joined!  If you see them around, say hey!  Also, maybe say, “My name is Reid, and if you I happen to get a little nauseous, don’t take it personally!”  Or […]

Tuesday, 1/3/12

There’s a Nutrition Seminar that’s FREE for members this Wednesday at 630pm. These don’t come around THAT often – if you plan to attend, please sign up on the Calendar! The CrossFit Total is January 21, 2012 – time slots are now posted in the gym on the bulletin board.  Sign up now to get […]