Workout of the Day: Saturday, 4.19.14

Bring a Friend is at 11am Today. On a side note, we have a few CFCC athletes competing at South Mountain CrossFit for their first strongman competition today. Send them good vibes! 10AM “Strongman Inspired” Workout of the Day SMR: Lax ball pecs – 1 min/side, Lax ball glutes – 1 min/side Movement Prep: Prone […]


Workout of the Day: Friday, 4.18.14

Saturday’s Bring a Friend Session is being moved from 9am to – 11am – this week. Only the best of friends CrossFit together. Also tonight is Ave’s and Cassie’s going away party.  Festivities will begin following our night classes.  Stop by, and bid farewell to some stellar people.  Friday SMR: Lax Ball Glutes, 10 passes/side […]


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 4.12.14

“BRING-A-FRIEND” WORKOUT OF THE DAY: Many of you have been asking about the structure of “Bring a Friend” workouts. The deal is that ANY member can join but the workout stimulus will be geared toward athletes new to CrossFit. That doesn’t mean the work won’t be challenging!  Additionally, you can “Bring a Friend” that’s interested […]


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.31.13

BRING A FRIEND TO CFCC TODAY! And tell your friend that rowing today will not feel like rowing like the below. That kind of rowing is GOD-AWFUL. WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 5 minutes. Lax ball the feet and calves for 2 minutes on each side. ACTIVATION: Single Leg Squat […]

Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.10.13

Gymnastics Skillz for the day will be the Muscle-up and Handstand Walking.  Come out and play at 12pm! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: BRING A FRIEND SATURDAYS!   MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll or Lax Ball as needed, 10 minutes. Handstand Push-up Skill Work Prep. SKILL WORK: Inverted Burpee Skill Work CONDITIONING: “Bubbles” AMRAP 12 minutes: 10 Burpees […]


Workout of the Day: Sunday, 7.28.13

One of the best images from this year’s CrossFit Games so far – the Zig Zag Sprint! Remember, we’re hosting a CrossFit Games Viewing Party at the gym from 2-5pm (on Sunday) – bring anything you want to eat or drink but The Art of Medicine will be providing some food from Chipotle as well […]