Workout of the Day: Sunday, 4.17.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: 5 minutes mobility as needed 2 Rounds: 60ft jog, 30ft high knees, 30ft lateral lunge, 30ft inchworm CONDITIONING: 10 rounds 30 second amrap Burpees -Rest 30 seconds- 30 second amrap DB Thrusters (45/20#) -Rest 30 seconds- Notes -This workout can be done individually or in teams of two -Partner version: P1 […]

Workout of the Day: Monday, 2.1.16.

2016 In House Competition Congratulations to all the competitors who battled it out on Saturday in the Basement of Dreams. It was a close competition the entire day with team Wizard of Voz coming out on top! Thank you to all of our amazing judges and volunteers who made all of the events run smooth […]

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 1.20.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball to upper trap and glutes 4 minutes 2 Rounds: 5 yoga push ups + 5 rocking ankle mobilizations/leg, 10 bird dog, 3 single arm raises in squat/arm STRENGTH: A1. DB Lateral Box Step Ups  x 5/side (20/15”) x 3 sets, Rest 30 seconds A2. Handstand Hold x 30-40 seconds […]

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 1.13.16.

Congratulations to December’s Member of the Month Jen Kaplan! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball glutes and lat/serratus 4 minutes, wrist/forearm stretching 1 min/arm 2 Rounds: 10 sumo squat to stand, 10 lateral x-band walks/direction, 10 scap pull ups STRENGTH: A1. Front Rack Forward Lunge x 10 reps (5/side) x 3 sets, Rest 10 […]

Workout of the Day: Friday, 11.6.15.

The 2015 Stache Showdown Mark your calendars for the 4th annual Stache Showdown. This amateur (non-sanctioned) partner strongman competition has been raising awareness of men’s health issues for the last four years, AND this year we would like to build awareness for a new Philly based non-profit, UliftU! WEIGHT CLASSES: Total Combined Partner Weight Lightweight women: […]

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 8.26.15.

CFCC Beach Day Come with us to the beach! We are headed to Ocean City, New Jersey this Saturday (8/29) between 10th-11th street. Bring yourself, friends, family, games, and food if you wish. There are bathrooms conveniently located at our location, as well as plenty of options for food on the boardwalk. Be prepared for a […]

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 7.7.15.

Rowing Seminar – Sunday 8/2/15 CFCC is hosting a two hour rowing seminar on Sunday, August 2nd from 12-2pm to provide athletes with the tools to improve their skills and technique on the erg. The seminar will be led by a very experienced former national champion rower, and involve comprehensive instruction and breakdown of the rowing […]

Workout of the Day: Friday, 6.26.15.

#EATWITHAPURPOSE Podcast Episode #4 is up! The Great American Strongman Competition There will be no formal classes held tomorrow in lieu of the GASC. There will be an “at home” workout posted for members. All spectators are encouraged to come watch some of the strongest athletes in the area throwdown in the streets of Philadelphia! Best […]

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 6.9.15

The Great American Strongman Competition Thank you to CFCC member Brandon from Bear Bear Pro for putting together this fantastic video featuring Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson and Coach Chris! Don’t forget to mark your calendars to come support The Great American Strongman Competition on Saturday, June 27th from 9am – 4pm! For those competing and interested in trying out the […]

Workout of the Day: Sunday, 6.7.15

Congratulations to May’s Member of the Month Mohammad Al-Ramzi! Learn more about Mohammad and why he was voted CFCC’s MOTM in the featured post! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: 5 minutes of general mobility focusing on feet, calves and hips+ 400m Run 1 Round: 30ft high knees, 30ft over/under the fence, 30ft butt kicks, 30ft […]