Wednesday, 7/13/11

There is no RUNNING SCHOOL tonight.  But there is a Competitor’s Meeting at 730pm.  If you’re interested in competing in the CrossFit community, please attend! Mobility: Resetting the Shoulders, 10 minutes. Dynamic Warm-up: learn the movements! Neural Recharge “Fight Gone Bad”: 3 Rounds for 1 minute MAX POWER of EACH REP at each station: VERTICAL […]

Thursday, 6/30/11

Looking for a way to hydrate and also manage the taste of BCAA’s? This is from BIG JIM! I think you could do a little less honey if you wanted or just put in a little fruit juice instead that might be a lot easier. HAPPY HOUR is tonight at 730pm at Marathon at 10th […]

Wednesday, 9/29/10

NEURAL RECHARGE DAY! Do all of the following for max power and accuracy on EACH REP. 4-6 rounds, 30s at each station: Broad Jumps Chest Pass Throws Vertical Jumps (to touch) Medball Slams Squat Jumps Power Strokes on erg Rest.