Monday, 9/5/11

Our class schedule is a little different today, everyone! We’ll be running an 8am and an 11am class. These are the ONLY classes scheduled for today!  Please sign up on the Google Calendar to attend, or, if you are new to CFCC – please email us! [youtube=] SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: 10 minutes of whatever foam […]

Sunday, 9/4/11

There are no classes tomorrow at CFCC (Croga/CrossFit Yoga has been permanently moved to Wednesdays at 730pm) – but that DOESN’T mean that you can’t do some things to maximize your recovery from the CrossFit Total. If you take your training seriously – you’ll REALLY get serious about your recovery. Check out what ice baths […]

Winners of the CFCC CFT!

16 men and 16 women competed in this year’s CrossFit Total and lifted over 8 tons.  That’s a good day. Here are their scores: (first place is in red!) THE MEN: Team 1, Total = 3030 Sean – 910 / Daffy – 695 / JPap – 720 / Jake 705 Team 2, Total = 3450 […]

Saturday, 9/3/11

If you are not a member of CFCC unfortunately this day is reserved for a member event – please email us if you’d like to attend a session at another time.  There will be no other regularly schedules classes on this day.  No exceptions will be made. ————————————————————— VIVA LA TOTAL! It’s here!  The CrossFit […]

Friday, 9/2/11

DAY BEFORE THE TOTAL!  ARE YOU READY?!?!?!  Sign up for a time slot on the Google Calendar if you haven’t already! Remember today is the last day that you can buy a discounted ticket to the Balanced Bites Seminar to hear this incredibly knowledgeable woman tell you everything she knows about eating to maximize health, […]