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Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 8.27.14

We learned a TON from Greg Robins and the fantastic coaching staff at Cressey Performance this past weekend. If you have any interest in learning more about the sport of powerlifting, or how to get stronger in general I urge you to read up on Greg’s work with The Strength House. Greg’s philosophy is “Train With […]

Workout of the Day, 5/8


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 5.8.14

Last Day Before The Brotal.  Sign Up HERE TALKIN BOUT PRACTICE Thursday SMR:Foam Roll as needed, 5 min, Bretzels, 1min/pose (4min total) Activation: Peak Box Jump, 5 min Movement Prep: Barbell Warm Up Strength: 12min EOMOM, 3 rep clean at 70% of 1RM Conditioning:  3k Time Trial Row

Workout of the Day, 5/1