Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 7.22.14

Congratulations to Coach Ryan Basa for representing Liberty Barbell Club and CFCC this past weekend at the USAW National Championships! Basa has persevered through some less then ideal circumstances to prepare  for Nationals and we could not be more proud of his accomplishments. WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball pec 15 passes/side, wall triceps […]


Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 6.25.14

Have you signed up for your FMS assessment yet? You can read up on the history, purpose and intent behind the Functional Movement Screen here. And if you need a little more convincing, the guys from Barbell Shrugged did a great podcast titled “How to Avoid Injury and Train Pain Free in CrossFit” last summer and talk about the […]


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.3.13

Looking for a little gymnasty inspiration?  Try here! Asian Style Lettuce Wraps – for when you just miss a wrap. And if you REALLY want to head down that road, 15 Lettuce-Wrap ideas from Balanced Bites. Did you know that pumpkin doesn’t ALWAYS have to come in the form of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?  TRUE […]