Workout of the Day, 3.13.13

FOUNDATIONS, with Greg, at 530pm. NEURAL RECHARGE DAY!  Think fast all day today and you’ll do well on the first day of the CrossFit Open!  The WOD gets announced tonight at 8pm and it’ll be what we do tomorrow in our Workout of the Day sessions! Also, please remember that the Oly classes are on […]

Saturday, 10/17/12

SIGN UP FOR THE STACHE SHOWDOWN. And watch this again, because I don’t understand it at all but I know it’s GREAT. Today’s the day!  Many of your fellow CFCCers are out at CrossFit OTG competing today!  Wish them luck and follow Facebook for the unfolding events of the day! Please wish: Cathryn Sanderson, Cassie […]