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Ask Erin: What’s the deal with the Open?

I’ve been receiving lots of questions from people about the CrossFit Open and I thought it might be easier to simply form a comprehensive answer to MANY of these so that we could all go into the season with our bearings. Here are some thoughts for those of you who have been asking: What is […]

The beginning.

I read a lot of Seth Godin, because he’s basically like the fairy godmother of answers to my business-y questions. Whatever the problem of the day is that we’re facing, he seems to publish the perfect blog post that makes us feel a little less crazy. This is today’s, and I feel like it’s a […]


February’s Member of the Month is…

Thank you all for your enthusiastic votes, your patience with our delayed decision making – and most of all, thank you for making it really, really hard to choose only one Member of the Month every freakin’ time. For those of you who are new to CFCC, here’s the jist to get you all caught […]