A New Year for a New Approach to Nutrition at CFCC: #eatwithapurpose

Join us for a new approach to the New Year and all it brings for the seasoned and/or new-to-thoughtful-eating! Members attend for free, Non-members for $30!

What’s the deal with the Nutrition-ey Challenge Stuff?

Here’s what you need to know about how CFCC is helping YOU to move into 2012 at your best: This Wednesday (that’s right, today) there’s a Nutrition Seminar happening INSTEAD of classes at 630pm.  Why are we doing this INSTEAD of classes?  Because what you eat affects your mood, your body composition (whether you want […]

Snow Day!

The 6a and the 8a are cancelled for tomorrow! The noon is still on! Rate your cooking skills on a scale of 1, being you don’t have any and 10 being, you would serve your food to the public. :) Post thoughts to comments.