Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.15.13

Do you make any of the below faces upon offered the opportunity to compete? Then you’re PERFECT for attending the Competitor’s Meeting being held at 730pm next Friday, June 21st. This Competitor’s Meeting is not being held SOLELY for the sake of the Summer Slam Competition being held August 17th at CrossFit Generation but is […]

Friday, 5/13/11

Self Myofascial Release of the Day: Lax Ball to Pecs and Traps, til 5 minutes into class as needed. Mobility Workout of the Day: Band Assisted Spiderman to Partial Extension, 2 minutes each side. Check out the full vid. Warmup of the Day: Practice Double Unders, 5 minutes. Whenever you need a break from practicing, […]

Monday 1/17/11

The Not-Home WOD: 5 rounds, each for time (outside on chancellor street next to new space): 8 deadlifts at 275/185 150m sprint, shuttle style Rest 2-4m in between rounds. Dress warmly.