Week of 11/12

This is a deload week as we prepare for the Philly Marathon, Half, and 8k this weekend. Monday Running 7a: 6×200 for quality, jog back to start for rest Rowing 530p: :30 on/1:00 off, 10 rounds Tuesday Rowing 7a: :30 on/1:00 off, 10 rounds Running 530p: 6×200 for quality, jog back to start for rest […]

Why Does Technique Matter?

Dr. Lieberman is a professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard. If you’ve read Born to Run, then you’re already familiar with the name. He runs a lab at Harvard testing all sorts of data points regarding barefoot running, mid-foot striking vs. heel striking, and all other sorts of good stuff that give us legitimate scientific […]

Monday 10/8/12 Running

Tuesday 10/2/12 Rowing

Tuesday 10/2/12 Rowing

Monday 10/1/12 Rowing

Monday, 10/1/12

ENDURANCE (Running) 7am, with Ave – also, remember, this WEDNESDAY at 730-9pm, we’ll be running the fourth evening in a five-week series of Comprehensive Running Classes as part of our “Reinvent Your Run” series. Sign up today! ENDURANCE (Rowing) 530pm, with Ave Endurance Programming is here.  Keep in mind, that with our new Endurance schedule, […]

Thursday, 9/13/12

THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR THE BCCC! Let us know if you’re interested ASAP! ONE HOUR OLY with Sammy, 12-1pm. CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (Rowing), with Liz, at 530pm. FOUNDATIONS, with Liz, at 630pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, 530-730pm. ADVANCED OLY, 730-930pm. GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 730pm. WORKOUT OF THE DAY: SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Feet, […]

Saturday, 6/16/12

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE with Liz at 11am. (Indoors – unfortunately, Liz’s ankle is acting up!) Running: Death by 10 m GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 11am. FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 10am. INTRO TO OLY with Sammy and Erin from 9-1030am, with Jim and Erin from 1030-12pm. WORKOUT OF THE DAY SESSIONS with Liz at 9am and 12pm. ADVANCED […]