Workout of the Day: Sunday, 7.13.14

Sign ups are available for the LAST FULL WEEK OF FMS SCREENS! Have you been putting it off? No more! Stop by the front desk and snag a spot soon. For those of you who have already completed your screens and want to know how you can improve, make sure you checkout the posters in […]

Introducing: CFCC’s Assessment System!

The long-awaited month of June has officially arrived and for CFCC that means the introduction of our brand spanking new assessment system!  The name of this system of assessment is The Functional Movement Screen. You can read all about the history, purpose, and intent behind the “FMS” here.  That said, I also wanted to have the […]

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 4.15.14

If you have a sticky Overhead Squat, then come in early and start mobilizing! The video below is classic  KStar. Simple and effective. Above, Ross is fully focused on form. Tuesday SMR: Lax Ball Traps in Glute Bridge, 10 passes/side Lax Ball Kneeling Release, 30 sec/side Movement Prep: 2 rounds, Banded Low Trap Pull Down, […]