Sunday, 10/14/12

ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 9-11am STRONGMAN with Tim and Chris, 10am CROGA, with Tim, 11am THE “GIRLS” SESSION with Tim, 12pm ONE HOUR OLY, with Jim, 12pm SQUATTING ONLY with Jim, 1pm HYBRID OLY with Jim, 2-4pm There are 8 (ONLY 8!) spots left for the CrossFit Total coming up THIS TIME NEXT WEEK!  Sign […]

Scores from the last few days.

HELEN. Gymnastics and Foundations Lux is happy – 21-15-9 Chest to Bar and HSPU  

Wednesday, 5/23/12

SAVE SUMMER CAMP – SIGN UP NOW! and find out why taking FRIDAY off is SO worth it! If you need a towel, please bring one!  We are low on them cause I think some of you have been graciously taking them home to clean them (you don’t need to on the regular – we […]

SATURDAY, 12/17/12

GAMES: 12pm today (Saturday) and 11am on SUNDAY – no matter what the Calendar says, sorry, it’s been finnicky! SPECIALIZED SESSIONS: THERE IS NO ENDURANCE TODAY!  1pm GYMNASTICS SKILLS SESSION with SAMMY – on MUSCLE-UPS. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett 9am and 2pm SESSION: SELF-MYOFASCIAL […]

Saturday, 2/18/12

There are only 4 more days to register to join CFCC’s CrossFit Games Open team! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? [youtube=]   SPECIALIZED CLASSES: 9am and 2pm regular CrossFit programming (Helen!), 10am CrossFit Endurance Class with Liz (rowing), 11am Yoga (with Tim!), 12pm ADVANCED CLASS (aaaand really everyone who wants to go) MEETS to go […]

Wednesday, 10/12/11

CROGA (CrossFit Yoga!) is at 730pm with Tim – feeling tight from the last few days?  Bring your own mat and commit to doing something to make yourself feel better by Thursday! Ripped your hands?  Check out this article on what to do with your CrossFit paws! Don’t freak out but here are some interested […]

MONDAY, 6/20/11

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Glutes, 2 minutes each side. MOBILITY: Ballerina Stretch, 5 minutes. DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 10-15 Reps of: Back Leg Swings, Leg Swings, Hip Swings, Kipping Swings METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Helen” : 3 Rounds for time of: 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1), 12 Pull-ups ————————————————- ON RAMP: Held downstairs and taught by […]

Monday, 5/30/11

Due to the holiday, classes will be held on this Memorial Day at 12pm, 430pm, and 530pm. The ON RAMP will be held at 630pm. Memorial Day Paleo Pancake Recipe? SELF MYO-FASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Feet, 1 minute per foot. MOBILITY WOD: Global Extension position, 2 minutes on each side – (Samson Stretch with hands […]

Tuesday, 7/13/10

POWER: Med ball slams, 5 sets of 5. STRENGTH: Pronated grip pullup, peak set of 5 reps. METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Helen” 3 Rounds for time of: 400m Run (Camac) 21 DB Swings (55/35) 12 Pullups