Wednesday, 6/29/11

New to CFCC? Don’t be shy! If you’re here – we already think you’re awesome. Come to Happy Hour on Thursday (tomorrow night) at 730pm – 1030pm at Marathon at 10th and Walnut to meet the only people in the world who will know what you’re talking about when you say you did two “CrossFit […]

Monday, 8/9/10

BAM. Ian does it. POWER: Depth Drops/Jumps, 6 sets of 5 STRENGTH: Back Squat, Peak set of 5 AUXILIARY STRENGTH WORK: Natural Glute Ham Raises: 3 x 5-8 reps

Anatomy of a Broad Jump

Bill sets it up. Mike’s flying squirrel impression, or full hip extension. Reuben, reaching to land. Caitlin squats to land, Meg P. shows off her dancing skills. ;)

Olympic Lifting: 8/3/10

Check out these crazy stats from yesterday, people!  There are some serious PRs up on the board… some of the most impressive of which are the Box Jump stats. I just gotta say – power is a sweet sweet thing! Men: Tony: 43 1/2″ Reid: 43 3/4″ Bobby: 43 1/2″ Dallas: 45 1/2″ Karol: 48 […]